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these types of malware are called browser hijackers. go to and run the online virus and malware scan Lis@ No, it's not a virus, your msn uses secured site browsing and it uses that address to access pages over a secured connection, that only the MSN software can access.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-30 19:48:52
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Q: If a browser get redirected from msn to something called g.msn and the address line always adds a line like cl91enus do you have a virus?
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How do you keep your browser from being redirected?

Resetting the browser is one option, and if the problem still persists, checking for any potential malware is another good option. This helps most of the problems about being redirected.

What appears in the browser when one types in Gogle for Google?

When accidently typing in gogle in your address bar instead of the word google in your address bar, you will be redirected to google's homepage where you can access your gmail and google plus.

How can you access a page with your browser?

You can access a page with your browser using the URL bar. Just put the name or IP of the website and you will be redirected.

How do you stop being redirected on Mozilla Firefox browser?

You Dont *** Do a Google search for Firefox add-ons for that purpose.

Why is your question at WikiAnswers never answered and you are just redirected to another page with more ads?

This is likely a problem with your browser or connection.

In browser history why number in address?

The number might be the IP address of the website. The IP might be available in the history of browser.

Browser Address Error Redirector?

why am i getting this error on site i visit all the time. Browser Address Error Redirector

Is the browser same as the address bar?

No, a browser is where you just search a word or phrase (google) An address bar is at the top of the page where you type in the whole web address

How is the web browser used?

Browser is used by typing in the URL of the website. The browser converts it to IP Address and brings it to the user.

What happens when you type a web address in a browser?

If you type a web address in a browser it will open the site the the web address belongs to. But, if it doesn't belong to any website it will open a different page.

What is a URL browser?

The address of your web page.

What is the address one types into a web browser known as?

The address that one types into web browser is called URL. It stands for Universal Resource Locator.

What is browser?

to search for something

Why does your browser jump to a different address than the one you enter?

This happens if you browser is infected by spyware

Reverse look up by address?

Let's say you type in the host name, "" into your browser. The browser will contact the DNS (Domain Name Server) and ask it for the ip address ( for example) for This is what's called a forward lookup. The reverse lookup then is when the browser has the ip address but needs to find the host name for that address. So the browser contacts the DNS using the ip address and asks for the host name.

Why cant i get on studentfreestuff com whenever you type it in you get redirected to ilovefreestuff ca?

If you typed in, then it might not exist. I suggest that you type it in on a web browser, like Bing or Google.

What is a location on the internet called?

Internet Protocol address (or the IP address).

Was is the url of a website?

The web address that appears in your browser.

What is the toolbar in which you can type a web address?

it is called a browser

Where is a url located?

In the Address Bar of your Web Browser.

What is an address bar?

An address bar is the potion of a web browser which displays the address of the page or resource being displayed.

Where do i find the url address?

The URL address of any webpage will be in the top bar on the browser.

Where can url be found on the browser?

The URL can usually be found at the top of a browser. A URL is a web address and is usually entered in a white bar located at the top of the browser.

What is an URL address bar?

An address bar (also location bar or URL bar) is the term referring to the text box used to enter a websites address in a browser. It is found on the upper corner of your screen when you open your browser.

How can i open you tubecom?

Open a browser, and type the address (I assume you mean in the address bar.