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This question gets a "whaaa??" In the U.S., such things are called "kickbacks" and are illegal unless documented (i.e. refund, money-back, etc.) Regardless of the circumstances, it would seem that the Buyer has alterior motives. Clarification would be required.

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Q: If a buyer wants a seller to increase the sale price of a home from 38000 to 75000 and give back 36600 to the seller for repairs at closing is this advisable from the seller's point of view?
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Do sellers pay closing costs in Michigan?

Sellers should pay closing costs in Michigan. However, this is not a law by any means. Sometimes the sellers will offer to pay half, or they may expect the buyers to do it.

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This is something that can be discussed during the drafting of the initial contact papers. Typically, the sellers must be out by the closing date.

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It depends on the state law and what the closing documents state. You will need to consult with a real estate attorney in your state.

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Mostly buyer pay closing cost.But Who pays for closing costs may vary depending on the location and the market. Requirements differ in each state and sometimes in each city. For example, sellers normally pay for title insurance in Los Angeles, while in San Francisco the buyer typically pays. In a buyer's market, sellers may opt to cover the costs just to have a better chance of getting closer to the price they want.

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