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If a ceiling was 2.5 cm high you would not be able to get into the room unless you were an envelope!

However if the ceiling was 2.5 meters high then a 2 meter guy would miss the lamp by 459 cm. and thus would not hit it with his head.

2.5 meters = 2500 centimeters

2500 centimeters - 41 centimeters = 2459 centimeters.

2 meters = 2000 centimeters

2459 centimeters = 2000 centimeters = 459 centimeters = 0.459 meter gap between head and light.

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Q: If a ceiling is 2.5 cm high and a lamp hanging to 41 cm will a 2 meter guy hit the lamp?
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The ceiling in jans living room is 2.5 m high she has a hanging lamp that hangs down husband is exactly 2 m tall will he hit his head on the hanging lamp why or why not?

It is impossible to say without knowing how long the lamp cord is. It also depends on what furniture is under the lamp: if there is a large coffee table directly under the lamp, for example, the husband is not going to be standing under the lamp!

What is a chandalier astro knight?

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What are the main features of the Torchiere floor lamp?

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What makes modern ceiling fans appear different from traditional ceiling fans?

Traditional ceiling fans often served as a lamp as well as a ceiling fan. Modern ceiling fans often focus on their function as a fan and are smaller in size.

Best location for ceiling heat lamp?

Door (front door)

Can I rewire a standard two prong lamp plug so that I can use it as a ceiling lamp?

No problem. But watch the wattage on the bulbs. The heat is going to go the opposite direction. And the lamp is ment to be in the opposite stress position so that it could be much less stable than when sitting. But wiring wise it is the same, just wire the two wires in the ceiling to the two on the lamp. And there may be issues with code requirements. Overall it is better to be safe than sorry and use a lamp designed for the ceiling.

Best Times to Use a Hanging Lamp?

A hanging lamp can be convenient in certain circumstances. Lamps can be hung on walls or from the ceiling and come in several different shapes and sizes. You can use a hanging lamp to make a style statement or as a practical way to put the light right where you need it in a room. Small Rooms Smaller rooms are better for hanging lamps. The light from the lamp works best to illuminate the whole room when it can bounce off of the walls and into the center of the room. Smaller rooms also tend to have less floor space available for a traditional lamp. Hanging lamps free up places to put chairs or other items in the room without sacrificing the light that you need. A lamp that is hung in the center of a small room can provide enough light for everyone in a more balanced way than a light on a table can. Bedrooms Many people prefer to spend some time sitting in bed before they turn off the light. A hanging lamp that is within reach of the bed is ideal for providing a light that can be turned off without having to get out of the bed. You can stay warm and comfortable and simply lean over to turn off the hanging lamp. Children who are afraid of the dark can also benefit from having a light hanging close to the bed where they can reach it when they need to. A hanging lamp can provide a better sense of independence for a younger child. Places that need Concentrated Lighting Most hanging lamps provide a concentrated area of light. This makes them perfect for rooms that are designed to focus on one or two specific activities. It is nice to have a hanging lamp over the center of a dining room table so that the light covers the table and diners specifically. Game rooms are good places to hang lamps, especially if you have large table games like pool or table tennis. A hanging lamp provides a bright circle of light for the objects directly underneath it, which is convenient in many different types of situations.

What is lilys lamp?

The Lily Lamo is a lamp that is based on water lilies at the Oslo Botanic Gardens. It is a hanging lamp, perfect for over a dining table or in a bedroom, designed by Vibeke Skar.

Hertz cycle meter on a generator that is not showing a reading how can it be checked?

Disconnect and take the meter out. If it is a 120V meter, just connect it to a lamp cord and plug it in. If it still doesn't register, you have a dead meter. Sometimes they get can tap on the face gently if nothing else works. Oh, and BE CAREFUL with that high voltage!!!

Two chains of length 1.0m are used to support a lamp the distance between the two chains along the ceiling is 1.0m. what is the vertical distance from the lamp to the ceiling?

sqrt(1002 - 502) = sqrt(10,000 - 2,500) = sqrt(7,500) = 86.6 centimeters (rounded)

Ceiling heat lamp be installed in a bathroom?

Heat lamps are often installed in bathroom ceilings. You can find a variety of fixtures from a single bulb heat lamp fixture to a combo heat lamp vent fan and ceiling light. Heat lamps require a timer on the switch so they will automatically turn off if left unattended.

Where in the bathroom would a good place to install as permanent ceiling heat lamp?

over the toilet

Where can you get the long hex nut from a lamp or ceiling mount light fixture?

Your local hardware store will have them.

What type of conductors shall be used for wiring on fixtures chains?

The type of wire you are looking for is called lamp cord. It comes in different colours usually to match the fixture. Fixtures hanging from chains use a clear insulation so as to blend in with the fixture chain colour. Remember that the smooth wire of the lamp cord connects to the hot wire and the ribbed wire on the lamp cord connects to the neutral wire in the ceiling junction box.

What is HST lamp?

HST Lamp... High Pressure Sodium Tubular

What is the terminology HPMV for a lamp?

It is a High Pressure Mercury Vapour lamp.

Where in Walter wicks can you see what i see are the four lanterns?

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Where is it possible to purchase a hanging lamp?

A hanging lamp can be bought in almost any hardware store. This can include locations such as Lowe's, Home Depot, and Pier 1 Imports. Other places to buy can include online stores such as Amazon, Overstock, and the IKEA website.

What loctite do you recommend to glue broken a ceiling fan lamp shade?

Loctite 5 minute epoxy.

Where in the ceiling would you install a heat lamp?

The heat lamp would be installed where it is needed. The only place the lamp is not permitted to be placed is over a doors swing radius. This is in the electrical code to prevent a door that is left opened and in a position directly under the lamp. The heat from the lamp has the ability to raise the temperature of the door to its combustion point and set it alight.

What is a Rotating carousel hanging Clydesdale Budweiser Lamp worth?

$100-$1000. Depends on condition and buyer.

When was the first bubble lamp designed?

The first bubble lamp was designed in 1947 by an architect named George Nelson. Nelson created the design for the lamp while decorating his own office. He originally wanted a silk-covered Swedish hanging lamp, but it was too expensive for him to afford. Nelson's inspiration for the bubble lamp was a photo of mothballed Liberty ships.

What is a hurricane lamp?

It is an oil lamp with a glass chimney designed to protect the flame in high winds

How do you get past level 15 on doors escape?

Grab the bomb that is sitting on the floor, put it in front of the door, and use your fire stick to light the match. Then follow the arrows that appear as a guide to pulling on the lamp strings hanging from the ceiling (ex: left, right, left, left, right, right, right)

Where can you get a ceiling light for the basement in Disney superbia?

you can use the lamp in the waverly place it costs 150 pound but it passes the task

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The ceiling in jans living room is 2.5 m high she has a hanging lamp that hangs down husband is exactly 2 m tall will he hit his head on the hanging lamp why or why not?

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