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If a fact family has only 2 multiplication nd division sentences, what do you know about the product and divident?

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Q: If a fact family has only two multiplication and division sentences what do you know about the product and dividend?
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If a fact family has only 2 multiplication and division sentences what do you know about the product and dividend?

There are only two numbers in that case. For example 5 x 5 = 25 and 25/5 = 5. The fact family has only two sentences. Now from the equation it indicates that the product of the same numbers gives the dividend or dividend divided by divisor is the same number as the divisor since there are only two numbers in the fact family.

Why do you use division to solve a multiplication problem and why do you use multiplication to solve a division problem?

Not sure about the first part of the question, but when doing long division, the partial answer is multiplied by the divisor to get a product, which then is subtracted from the dividend, to see how much is left over.

If a division answer is a quotient then what is a multiplication answer?

The result of multiplication is the "product", regardless of what the result of division is called.

What does product go with addition subtraction multiplication or division?

product goes with multiplication

How do we find remainder of two numbers by using addition subtraction multiplication and division?

The remainder of two positive integers can be calculated by first dividing one number (the dividend) by the other (the divisor) using integer division (ignoring any fractional component). Multiply this quotient by the divisor, then subtract the product from the dividend. The result is the remainder. Alternatively, while the dividend remains greater than the divisor, subtract the divisor from the dividend and repeat until the dividend is smaller than the divisor. The dividend is then the remainder.

What is another name for multiplication or division?

Multiplication is finding the product Division is finding the quotient

What is the opposite of product in math?

Product is typically the answer to the equation in multiplication. For example: 4 x 3 = 12

What is a product or quotient?

a product is the answer to a multiplication problem and quotient is for division

What is product part of multipication and division problem?

The product is the answer in a multiplication problem.

What is the product called when you divide two numbers?

The answer is a product for any math question. Specifically for division I think it is a dividend.

Name for the answer in a addition problem?

Answer for an addition problem= sum. Answer for a subtraction problem= difference. Answer for a multiplication problem= product. Answer for a division problem= quotient.

What is the answer of a multiplicaton problem called?

Division is the same thing as multiplication

What is the answer to multiplication problem called?

Multiplication = productAddition = sumSubtraction = differenceDivision = quotient

When you list all the factors of a number is it Multiplication?

Factoring is a by-product of division.

What is an often key word in a multiplication or division problem?

for multiplecation: product. ex.) what is the product of 6 and 5? for division: quotient. ex.) what is the quotient of 4 and 2?

Explain how to check a division problem when it has a remainder?

Multiply the quotient times the dividend and then add on the remainder to the product.

What is the antonym of quotient?

product because the answer to division is quotient so you just have to find the opposite of division which is multiplication. and you multiply and the answer will be a product. Example: 3x3=9 9=product

What is the term that describes when a product in multiplication can be divided by one of the factors to get a division problem?

42m = ? cm

Why does the quotient and product of two nonzero integers have the same sign?

Those are the rules of multiplication (and division).

What is the sum of a multiplication called?

The answer of a multiplication problem is the product.

What is the product of 71.825 divided by 8.01?


What is the name to the answer of a division sentence?

The answer to a division sentence is the quotient. Sum is addition. Difference is subtraction. Product is multiplication.

Where is a product placed in multiplication?

The product is the answer to a multiplication.

What are synonyms of multiplication?

product , multiply also, division reversal times, factor, and of!

What do the words product sum quotent and difference mean?

Product is the answer in a multiplication problem; Sum is the answer in an addition problem; Quotient is the answer in a division problem; Difference is the answer in a subtraction problem.