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FALSE a square is a rhombus but a rhombus is not a square

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Q: If a figure is a rhombus then it is a square True or False?
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True or false All angles of a rhombus are congruent?

The angles in a square are congruent true or false

A rhombus is a square true or false?

False. Every rhombus is a parallelogram, but not every rhombus is a square. Only those that have right angles are squares. Every rhombus is a parallelogram because its diagonal lines are perpendicular, and they bisect an interior angle.

If a figure is a square then it is a regular quadrilertal. Is it true or false?


The diagonals of a rhombus are congruent true or false?


Are all rhombus kites true or false?


Every parallelogram is a rhombus true or false?

False.Every parallelogram is not a rhombus, but every rhombus is also a parallelogram.

The consecutive angles of a rhombus are congruent true or false?


True or False. A square s inscribe in another figure if each corner of the square touches he figure?

Not true. A square which is inscribed in a 5-pointed star shape, for example, will not be inscribed.

The opposite angles of a rhombus are congruent true or false?


Is this true or false a rhombus has four sides that are equal?


A rectangle is a rhombus true or false?

False but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals

Is this statement true or falseThe quadrilateral shown is a parallelogram?

A quadrilateral is any four sided plane figure. A parallelogram has the two opposite sides parallel. This makes to two opposite sides of equal length. The figure does not necessarily have right angles. A quadrilateral can be;- square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, (a)symmetric trapezium, a kite, or an irregular shape/form.