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1815/29 = 62.586 kWh per day, average energy usage

Average power consumption = 1,815,000/(29 x 24) = 2,607 watt-hours per hour = 2,607 watts

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Q: If a house used 1815kWh over the coarse of 29 days then how many kilowatts did the house use up on average in that 29 days?
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How many kilowatts power an average house?

Measurements show a house will occasionally use as much as 15 kilowatts for short intervals, but usually the power demand will not exceed about 3.5 kilowatts per house.

How many kilowatts does it take to heat a house?

2kW on average for each room.

How many kilowatts does a house in la cal use per day?

Kilowatts is how fast it uses energy, the amount of energy per day is measured in kilowatt-hours. If the house uses 2 kilowatts continously on average, it would use 48 kilowatt-hours per day.

What does Watts Kilowatts and Megawatts mean to the average user?

They are the unit of measurement for electrical power. The product of volts divided by resistance. Your electrical meter outside your house measures in kilowatts.

How many kilowatts power for one house?


How many kilowatts does a house use per day?

Kilowatt is a unit of power, not of energy. "Kilowatt per day" doesn't make much sense. Basically, a house uses the same amount of kilowatts in a day as it does in a year. At least on average. To find the energy, multiply the power in kilowatts by the number of hours it is used for, and the answer is in kilowatt-hours, also known as Units.

How many kilowatts of electricity does it take to power your cell phone?

Although I do not know the exact number, it would be low if measured in kilowatts. The electric company charges by how many kilowatts a house uses per hour.

How many kilowatts to power a city?

The power requirement is 3 kVA per house so if there are 100,000 houses the requirement is 300 MVA, but about 50% extra should be added for average shops and factories.

How many watts does a typical house use each day?

40-60 kilowatts each day

How many Kilowatts are required to heat a 600 cubic meter house?

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How many homes can 2 kilowatts of electricity power?

One home needs a supply that can give 14-15 kW, but with a group of 30 or more houses the average would be about 3 kW per house.

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