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1.66666667 centimeters

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Q: If a map has a scale of 1 180000 and the units are in centimeters how far would 2 cities be that are 3 kilometers apart in real life?
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A topographic map has a fractional scale of 1 to180000 The units are in centimeters If two cities are 3 kilometers apart how far would they be on the map?

3km is equal to 300000 centimeters. 300000 divided by 180000 is 1.6666667 centimeters.

What are two cities the are about 60 kilometers apart?

Bristol and Cardiff, by road.

3cm represents 45 kilometers If two cites measure 10cm apart on the map how many kilometers are apart?

45/3 x 10 = 150 The two cities are therefore 150 kilometres apart in real life.

The distance between two cities is 325.65 miles About how far apart are they to the nearest kilometer?

521 kilometers

If Africa and Australia are moving apart at a rate of 4.4 centimeters per year approximately how long will it take for the ocean between the two continents to increase by 1000 kilometers?

4.4 centimeters are 0.000044 kilometers. It will take 1000 / 0.000044 = 22,727,272 years.

There are 1.6 km in a mile. the distance between two cities is 248 miles. how many kilometers apart are the two cities?

1.6 x 248 = 396.8

What is 100kM in centimeters?

kilometers and centimeters are 5 places apart on the place value chart. KHD(base)dcm Move the decimal 5 places. 100km=10 000 000 cm

What is the distance between Oaxaca Mexico and Calgary Alberta Canada?

Both cities are 4,091 Kilometers (2,542 miles) apart.

Distance from Pachuca to Mexico City?

Both cities are some 87 Kilometers (54 miles) apart from each other.

How far apart are two cities if they are 8 centimeters apart and the scale is 2 centimeters?

We have no idea, and can't calculate it with the information given in the question."2cm" is not a scale. A scale tells what real distance is represented by 2cm on this map.

What is the mileage from Boston to Mexico City?

Both cities are 3,670 kilometers (2,280 miles) apart from each other, on a straight line.

If 1 kilometer is 1 centimeter on the map what is the distance in km between two cities that are 7.5 cm apart?

Seven and a half kilometers.