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yes, it is. The smaller the measurement, the higher the percentage error.

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Q: If a measurement is small is the percentage error high?
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If percent error in measurement of mass is 3 percent and percent error in measurement of velocity is 4 percent then what will the percentage error in measurement of kinetic energy?

Kinetic Energy = 1/2 (mass) (velocity)2Measurement of mass is in error by 3%.Measurement of velocity is in error by 4%.If both are low, then KE is measured as(True KE) x (.97) x (.96)2 = 0.894 TKE = 10.6% low.If both are high, then KE is measured as(True KE) x (1.03) x (1.04)2 = 1.114 TKE = 11.4% high.If one is high and the other low, then the net error is in between these limits.

What does it mean to have a high percentage error?

It means that, relative to the true value of whatever you are trying to measure, the estimated (or calculated) value is quite a long way off.If the real value of something is 5 but is measure as 7 the absolute error is 7 - 5 = 2, but the percentage error is 100*2/5 = 40%If the true value is 100 and it is measured as 103, the absolute error is 103 - 100 = 3 which is greater than before. But the percentage error is only 100*3/100 = 3%.

What is the difference between low percent error and high percent error?

The difference between low percent error and high percent error is one is low and the other is high

What is a high percent error mean?

high percent error is the absolute value of something that is multiplied

Which instrument is suitable for measuring 230cm3 of liquid?

100cm 3 measuring cylinder. Unless you want to use a 50.00 cm3 burette but the percentage error would be high for that

Is a high percent error good?


A high percent error refers to?

A high percent error indicates that a certain value is very far from the accepted value. Percent error is the comparison of an estimated value to an exact one.

Electronic instruments are preferred because they have no indicating par?

fast responseElectronic instrument are preferred over conventional instrument because they possess high resolution , and high operating speed , low power consumption and low error on the measurement and also the coast effective means they are economical too.

What is the measurement of high jump bed?

1 metre

Instrument used for measurement of high temperatures?


What kind of measurement do you need to take a photograph of a speeding bullet?

It's not a measurement- it's a high speed camera.Indirect MeasurementActually, it is a measurement to catch a photogragh of a bullet. It would be direct measurement to be precise.

How much does tayf love ontora?

error error error wiki is unable to calculate to such high limits