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120 You do simple ratio math 54:225=X:500 54/225= Batting average of .240 500 (.240)=120

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Q: If a player get 54 hits in 225 at bats then how many hits are expected in 500 bats?
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If a player with 540 at-bats has a batting average of 0.350 how many hits did the player make?

540 times .35 equals 189.

If a baseball player has 1000 at bats in a season and he receives no walks how many hits would be needed to have .300 batting percentage?


What is the batting average when the count is two ball and two strikes with two outs?

Balls and strikes do not constitute a player's batting average. A batting average is calculated according to how many hits a batter has made divided by how many at-bats he has. For instance, Ichiro Suzuki had 680 At-Bats in the 2010 season. Out of those At-Bats he pulled in 214 hits. 214 divided by 680 is .315 and that is how you figure out a player's batting average.

How many hits can a football player have?

It is 23 hits exactly.

How many bats can a player have in the dugout?


How many at-bats did Alex Rodriguez have in 2011?

In 2011, Alex Rodriguez had 373 at-bats.

How many hits has Derek Jeter had in his last 50 at bats?


How many hits does Jorge Posada have in his career?

During his career, Jorge Posada had 1,664 hits in 6,092 at bats.

How many at bats does an average baseball player get a year?

Your typical starting position player figures to get about 500 at bats, assuming they play most of the season.

If a baseball players batting average is 254 and he is at bat 3 times a game how many hits will he get in 52 games?

To do this you will need to see how many at bats he will have, so 52 x 3 = 156 at bats. Then you need to find out of those at bats how many times he will hit the ball. You would multiply 156 x .254 = He will get ~ 39.624 hits. However, you cannot get .624 of a hit, so he would have gotten 36 hits.

How many hits did Greg maddux have?

272 in the regular season and 4 in the postseason. In his MLB career, Maddux had 272 hits in 1591 at bats for a .171 batting average in the regular season and 4 hits in 55 at bats for a .073 batting average in the postseason.

What is the hit stat in baseball?

It is how many base hits the player has hit.