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Umm I'll have to say that your a retard for not knowing it so tuff nubbs who ever made this is stupid because you spelled some words wrong.. The above answer is incorrect, and on a very low evolutionary rung. The correct answer is that with the amount of data provided, it is impossible to tell. If the answer isn't known, it is best to not answer.

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Q: If a sample of DNA contained 20 percent cytosine what percentage of guanine would be in this sample and what percentage of adenine would be in the sample explain?
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Explain how chargaff's helped watson and crick model dna?

Chargaff discovered that in DNA the percentages of adenine and thymine were the same, and the percentages of cytosine and guanine are the same. This led to the idea of base-pairing between adenine and thymine, and cytosine and guanine.

If 15 percent of the nucleotides in a DNA molecule guanine what percentage of the nucleotides contain each of the other three bases explain your reasoning?

if 15% in DNA strand is guanine then 15% must be cytosine. that leaves 70% for adenine and thymine. 35% each.

How did Watson and Crick and model explain why there are equal amounts of thymine and adenine in DNA?

Watson and Crickâ??s model explains that hydrogen bonds can only form between certain base pairs. Thymine can only bond with adenine and guanine can only bond with cytosine. This is why there are equal amounts of thymine and adenine in DNA.

Describe the structure of nucleotides and explain how they are important to living things?

The nucleotide in DNA consists of a sugar (deoxyribose), one of four bases (cytosine (C), thymine (T), adenine (A), guanine (G)), and a phosphate. Cytosine and thymine are pyrimidine bases, while adenine and guanine are purine bases. The sugar and the base together are called a nucleoside. They are important to living things because they help store genetic matierals such as DNA and RNA. Hope this helped ;)

What is the ratio between adenine and guadine?

Chargaff's rule states that: A + G = T + CWhere A = Adenine, G = Guanine, C = Cytosine, and T = Thymine Also, G = C and A = T Some people discuss the G + C content of DNA. This refers to the amount of G + C relative to A + T. They use a simple variation of Chargaff's rule to show that: G + CA + T If G + C is equal to A + T then the ration is 1. If there is a higher G + C content of the species, it will be greater than 1. If there is a lower G + C content of the species, it will be less than 1.

How do base pairing rules explain how a strand of DNA acts as a template during DNA replication?

the 4 nucleotide bases are adenine, guanine, thymidine & cytosine. In a double stranded DNA adenine always pairs with thymidine & guanine always pairs with cytosine. so knowing the base pairs in strand we can determine the base pairs of the other strand. hence DNA strand acts as a template during DNA replication.

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How did Watson and cricks model explain the basis for chargaffs rules?

Watson and Cricks model, the double helix, showed that the base pairs bind together in the centre of the DNA molecule. Therefore because the bases are found in pairs, there must be equal amounts of each. This explained Chargaff's rules - the number of guanine is equal to the number of cytosine and that the number of thymine is equal to the number of adenine - because they are found as pairs.

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