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3750 L to take up swimming pool

50 times 25 = 1250

1250 times 3 = 3750.

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Q: If a swimming pool is 50 meters long 25 meters wide and 3 meters deep how many liters will it take to fill the pool?
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How many liters of water in 7metre x 4metre x 1.3metre deep?

The volume of the pool is 36.4 cubic meters. There are 1000 liters in a cubic meter. You will need 36400 liters to fill the object.

How many liters would it take to fill an 8 meter by 4 meter pool that is 2 meters deep?

It would take 64 m3 of water, which is 64000 liters or about 16,907 gallons.

How many liters of water to fill your pool 8 meters by 4 meters by 2 meters?


How many liters of water to fill your pool 7 meters by 3 meters by 2 meters?


How many liters does it take to fill a pool?

I think you mean LITERS and FILL. You have to know the volume of the pool in cubic meters. Multiply its length x height x width to get cubic meters. Multiply that by 1000 to get liters.

How long to fill swimming pool?

It depends... how long, wide, and deep it is.

How much mud measured in liters is there in a rectangle hole 2 meters wide 3 meters long and 3 meters deep?

None. You've removed enough dirt or mud to create a void of 18 cubic meters.There's nothing in the hole now. It would take 18,000 liters of any substance to fill it.

How many liters of oil would fill a swimming pool?

That depends on the size of the pool is it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke pool

How much for a pool that is 50 meters long and 25 meters wide and it has a depth of 7 meters?

You need 8750 cubic meters of water to fill your pool. That's 8,750,000 liters.

How many gallons of water does it take to fill a swimming pool that is 18' round and 54 deep?


How big is a bilion liters of water?

A billion litres of water would fill 400 Olympic sized swimming pools.

How many liters will it take to fill a bath tub which is 5 feet by 2 feet and 2 feet deep?


How many pint glasses would it take to fill an Olympic size swimming pool?

Olympic pool = 2,500,000 Liters = 5,283,441.0472 pints

What is the capacity of a 4L60 transmission with deep pan in a 1999 Chevy Silverado?

IF ITS JUST A SERVICE PAN off filter change 5 liters a rebuild dry fill 11 liters

How many liters are required to fill a bathtub?

It takes about 50 liters to fill a bathtub sufficient to bathe. To fill it so that most of the body is submerged would take about 150 liters.

How many gallons of water does a 12 feet round 4 feet deep swimming pool hold or how much water it would take to fill up a 12 feet round 4 feet deep swimming pool?

Approximately 4,400 gallons.

If empty swimming pool has capacity fourteen thousand liters and a garden hose adds twenty liters of water to the pool every minute How long will it take to fill the pool?

11 hours and 40 minutes

How much water would be required to fill a pool 8 meters long x 5 meters wide and 1m in depth?

40000 liters calculation: 8m x 5m x 1m = 40 meters cubed 1 meter cubed = 1000 liters of water so 40 cubic meters = 40000 liters of water

How many liters of water will fill a tank 8 feet long by 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep?


How much water is needed to fill an round above ground swimming pool that is 30'?

if it's 4 ft deep 21,139.948 gal.

How many cubic meters would you need to fill an area of 28 meter square by 10 cm deep?

A 28 meter square is 28 times 28 meters or 784 square meters. If it is one tenth of a meter (10 cm) deep, it has a volume of 78.4 cubic metersIf you mean 28 square meters (like a pool 4 meters by 7 meters) then the volume one tenth of a meter deep is 2.8 cubic meters.

How many mini tiles will it take to fill a 8ft by 4ft swimming pool the shallow end is 1.2m and deep end is 2m deep?

Let me get this clear - - -you want to FILL the pool with tile. It would take truck loads

Would it take more decaliters or liters to fill a pool?


What will 250 liters of water fill?

It will fill a large bathtub.

How many liters of water does it take to fill a pond 36 inches wide by 48 inches long by 18 inches deep?

509.7 litres