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A third of six is two; three is half of six. To make three equal a third of six; add 2+1 together to equal 3. One(1)is half of two(2).

Half of twenty is ten. Add half of ten, which is five, to that and the answer is 15.

Just as the adjustment for the "unreal" fraction equivalents was made for the first part of this math riddle, it must also be applied to the second part to get the correct answer.

Try this:

If a third of six is three, what must a fourth of twenty be?

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First of all, "a third of six" is not three, it is two...and half of twenty is ten. However, if by some mathematical gimmickry, a third of six were three then, by extension, half of twenty would be fifteen.

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Q: If a third of six is three what would be half of twenty?
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If a third of six is three then what would be half of twenty?


If a third of six is three what is half of twenty?

Type your answer here... 10

23.5 in word form?

twenty three and a half 23 and 1/2

Which is more half of twenty or a third of 30?

half of 20 is 10 and a third of 30 is 10

How many third cups in an half cup?

To find how many third cups in a half cup, you would divide one third into one half. To do this, you will have to multiply one half with the reciprocal of one third, which is three over one (3). This equals three halves, which equals one and one half third cups in a half cup.

How do you write out 23.5?

Twenty three and a half or twenty three point five = 23.5

What is half of twenty three?


How do you write 23.5 in word from?

Twenty three and one half, or twenty three and five tenths.

What is 23.5 in word form?

Twenty-three and five tenths Twenty-three and a half

How many peppercorns in a teaspoon?

Twenty-three and one half.

What is one third of seven and a half?

One-third of seven and a half (7.5) is 2.5. You can think of it as three-quarters divided by three.

What is three quarter of thirty?

three quarter of thirty = twenty two and a half (22.5)

What does twenty eight and a half take away three eighth equal?

Twenty-eight and one eighth.

Is one third greater then three sixth?

No, three sixths is another way of saying one half. One half is more than one third.

What is the real number between three and one third and three and two thirds?

There is not a real number between them. If there is then it would most likely be three and one half.

Is three-nineths of a soccer game halftime?

Three ninths is one third of a match, so it would be before half time. In a standard match it would be 30 minutes and half time is not until after 45 minutes.

What is twenty three and three fourths subtracted by eighteen and one half?

five and one quarter

In which way can 23.5 best be described?

23.5 = twenty three and a half

How do you write the number 23.5 in words?

It can be expressed three ways: "twenty-three and a half" (5/10 = 1/2) "twenty-three and five tenths" "twenty-three point five"

Are one half of half and one third of three quarters are equal?

Yes, they are are.

Is three and one half greater than three and one third?


What is one third of 1 and a half cups?

half a cup.......three halfs go into one and a half

How do you spell 329.5 in words?

The numeral is written out or spoken as "three hundred twenty-nine and five tenths." It is also equal to "three hundred twenty-nine and a half" or "three hundred twenty-nine point five."

How does one half plus one third equal five sixths?

One half is three sixths and one-third is two sixths. 3+2=5

What is seven and one third minus three and one half fractions?

Seven and one third minus three and one half = 23/6 or 35/6

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