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if it has one congruent side it is a scalene triangle. if it has a pair of congruent sides it is an isosceles triangle. if all the sides are congruent it is an equilateral triangle

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Q: If a triangle has one congruent side then is it a scalene triangle?
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Do the scalene triangle congruent has the sides?

A scalene triangle does not have congruent sides but one, two or three of its sides can be congruent to those of another scalene triangle.

What is a Scalene right triangle?

A scalene right triangle is a triangle that has no congruent sides and and one right angle.

How much sides does an isosceles have that are congruent?

iscosolese triangle: 2 congruent sides and one that is not congruent Scalene: all un congruent equaladeral: all congruent

What polygon has at least one pair of sides or angles that is not congruent?

That would have to be a scalene triangle.

Is an isosceles triangle always never or sometimes congruent?

"Congruent" means "same shape and size as the other one". So one thing all by itself is never congruent. It needs something else to be congruent with. An isosceles triangle is never congruent to a scalene triangle, sometimes congruent to any other kind of triangle, and always congruent to another isosceles triangle that's congruent to the first one.

What shape doesnt have any congruent sides and only acute angles?

A scalene triangle is one of them

What is the properties of a scalene triangle?

A scalene triangle is one whose sides are unequal - each side is different in length.

What do the triangles look like and what are the names?

Equilateral triangle = All sides congruent Scalene triangle = No sides congruent Isosceles triangle = At LEAST two sides congruent Right triangle = Triangle with one right angle Obtuse triangle = Triangle with ONE obtuse angle Acute triangle = Triangle with ALL acute angles

What is one way in which an isosceles triange and a scalene triange are different?

An isosceles triangle has 2 or more congruent sides and angles. A scalene triangle has 3 completely different sides and angles.

What is scalene in math?

the word scalene triangle means...a scalene triangle is a triangle with all different sizesone side can be 3cm long the other one can be 7cmlongand finaly the last one can be 10cm long

What is one way in which a scalene triangle and an equilateral triangle are different?

A scalene triangle has 1 unequal side. Rather than a equilateral triangle has all equal sides.

What is the difference between an scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle?

A scalene triangle is a triangle in which all three sides have different lengths. The difference between a scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle is that in the first one, we can find the measure length of the third side when we know the lengths of the two other sides, and in the second one we cannot.