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Q: If a x b equals 2 b x c equals 24 c x a equals 3 and a b c are all positive what is the value of a plus b plus c?
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Find the numerical value for each symbol... a plus a plus a plus b equals a plus a plus b plus b plus b equals c plus c c minus a equals 6 What is the answer to this?

A=8 B=4 C=14 Yes, I know I'm a genius. Mak - the all knowing one. MWAHAHAH!

Does a positive number multiply a positive number equals a negative number or a positive number?

(+)(+)=(+) (-)(-)=(+) (-)(+)=(-) (+)(-)=(-) This is all.

What is the value of x in the equation 7x plus 3 equals 31?

x=4, but this is just very basic algebra, not calculus at all.

What is 2 plus 2 plus 1-1divided by 2 plus 8-6?

2 plus 2 equals 4plus1 equals 5minus 1 equals 4divided by 2 equals 2plus 8 equals 1010 minus 6 equals 4so it all equals to +_____29so its 29 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X squared plus 16x plus a equals parenthesis x plus b parenthesis squared In the equation above a and b are constants if the equation is true for all value of x what is the value of a?

a=64 b=8 (x+16x+64)=(x+8)^2

How do you change negative 7 in the problem negative 7 plus 8x plus forty one equals ninety to a positive?

Change all signs, from -7 + 8x + 41 = 90 to +7 - 8x - 41 = -90

Is 192 plus -127 is positive negative or zero is 192 plus -120 9A some me know is 192 plus -129 a positive negative or zero?

They're all positive.

If x squared equals k where x and k are integers What is the value of k?

All we can deduce from that information is that k is a positive perfect square. Is that really the whole question? What?

If x equals 4 and y equals 8 to 1 significant figure find the smallest value of x plus y?

If x equals 4 and y equals 8 to one significant figure thelowest value of x would be 3.49 (the nine is recurring and the lowest value of y would be 7.49 (the nine is recurring so the lowest over all value of the two would be 10.98 (the eight is recurring

What is is the smallest positive value for x where y equals sin 2x reaches its maximun?

sin(theta) reach a maximum at pi / 2 + all even multiple of 2 pi. As a result, the smallest positive value of x where y = sin(2x) is maximal is pi / 2.

2x plus 2y equals 28 3x plus 3y equals 42?

All that can be deduced is that x + y = 14.

439 plus 71 equals 510 equals ballpark estimate?

nothing at all