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60 seconds divided by 5 seconds = 12 blinks per minute x 60 minutes = 720 blinks per hour x 24 hours = 17280 blinks per day so the answer is LESS than 100,000 times.

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Q: If an average person blinks once every 5 seconds a day is that more or less than a hundred thousandtimes?
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The average I blinks once every five seconds is that more than or less than 100 000 times per day explain your answer?

The average eye blinks once every five seconds is 17280 times per day 60 sec / 5sec = 12 blinks per minute 12 * 60 min = 720 blinks per hour 720 * 24 hour = 17280 blinks per day

The average eye blinks onces 5 seconds Is that more than a hundred thousand time per day Explain your answer?

1 day = 24 hours = 24 x 60 = 1440 minutes 60 seconds = 1 minute : But as the blink rate is 1 every 5 seconds then during each minute the eye blinks 60 ÷ 5 = 12 times. Therefore the number of blinks in 1 day = 1440 x 12 = 17280 which is much less than 100000.

How much time does the average person spend blinking in a lifetime?

69.1666667 minutes.415,000,000 (average blinks in a life time) x .00001 (seconds taken to blink)

How many times does the average person blink per day?

The average person blinks 17,000 to 22,000 times in a day, since on average a human blinks 16 times per minute.

How often does a average human blink?

An average person blinks about alot per secong. <3

Does average computer user blinks 7 times a minute?


The light on an answering machine blinks 5 times every 6 seconds In a 24-hour period. How many times does the light blink?

1 hour = 3,600 seconds24 hours = (24 x 3,600) secondsThere are (24 x 3,600/6) periods of 6 seconds in 24 hours.In that many periods of 6 seconds, there are (24 x 3,600 x 5/6) blinks = 72,000 blinks.

Average number of times per year that a person blinks?

6.2million times

What is a human beings average number of eye blinks per day?


Why does the Theft light on the console blinks every 2 - 3 seconds when the engine is off?

This is normal on most vehicles.

Average number of eye blinks per day?

38000-39000 times Approximately

What do you do 4000 times a day?

the average human being blinks 4000 times a day.

How many times does the average person blink in their lifetime?

On an average and as an estimate a person would blink 5,606,400 time in one year. If that person is awake 16 hours per day. In 80 years a person would have blinked 448,512,000 times 448,512,000 x.03 seconds per blink = 13,455,360 seconds of blinking / 60 seconds in a minute = 224,256 minutes / 60 minutes an hour =3,737.6 hours / 24 hours a day = 155.73 days of darkness in an 80 year span. You don't see a half a year of your life by blinking. Answer thanks to MrsAce at Quote - " On average, a person blinks 16 times per minute. " A 16 hour day = 15360 blinks A 24 Hour day = 23040 blinks "

How many times does a average human blinks their eyes in a year?

6.25 million times a year.

Do you blink 25 times a minute?

yes the average human blinks 25 times a minute

When was Susan Blinks born?

Susan Blinks was born in 1957.

What does a human do 4200000 times per year?

A human blinks, on average, 4.2 million times a year.

If the eye blinks once every 5 seconds is that more than or less than a hundred thousand times per day?

There are less than a hundred thousand seconds in a day. If you blink once every five seconds, you'd blink about 17,000 times a day. In actual practice, it would probably be closer to 12,000, since you don't really blink while you're sleeping. So: quite a bit less than a hundred thousand.If you didn't sleep, you'd blink more than a hundred thousand times in a week. Probably a lot more, since towards the end of the week you'd most likely be blinking much more often than once every five seconds.

How many times does the average person blink a week?

the average number of times an average human blinks in a week is about 1,000,000 ( one million ) times! YUP ITS AMAZING!

If you have 25 blinks per minute how many blinks in a day?


How do you set the radio station presets on a 2001 Saturn?

Should just set to the desired station and hold button for 3-5 seconds until "blinks"

What is the Average number of times a year that a person blinks?

I don't know if this helps, but about 9 days of your life are spent blinking.

An Average person blinks about per minute?

30 times how ever babies only blink 1-2 times

What animal only blinks one eye at a time?

An owl blinks one eye at a time

What does it mean when a cat blinks at you?

Cat is "smiling" at you when it blinks so I have heard. Cat is also happy.