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Q: If an irregular shaped object has a volume of 22cm3 and a mass of 44 g what is the objects density?
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What are the units for density on an irregulary shaped object?

The same units are used for regular or irregular objects - for example, kilogram per cubic meter.

What is the formula for the density of a irregular shaped object?

Density = (mass) divided by (volume)regardless of the substance, or the shape of the sample.

How do you find the volume of large irregular shape object?

To measure volume of large irregular shaped objects you need a displacement can

How the density of a regular and irregular objects determined?

Weigh the object. Determine the volume. Divide the mass by the volume to get the density. To get the volume of an irregular shaped object can be challenging especially if there are cavities (holes) in it. submersion in a liquid or powder of known volume might be possible. Measure the difference in the volume of the liquid and the liquid + the object (making sure the object is entirely below the surface of the liquid and that any cavities are filled).

What is the difference between an irregular-shaped object and a regular- shaped object?

I am not positive but i think that a regular shaped object can be measured and an irregular can not Hope this helps :D

How do you find the density of an irregular shaped object that sinks?

Measure the volume of the object which is same as the volume of the displaced liquid in which that sinks. And measure the mass of the same object from a weighing machine. then use density = mass/volume

Method used to figure the volume of an irregular shaped object?

method usede to figure the volume of an irregular shaped object

What is an irregular shaped object?

it is an object that does not have an explanation for the sides

How do you get the volume of irregular shaped object?

by measuring the object

What can you determine from an irregular shaped object by its displacement?

The volume of the object.

What lab equipment is needed to find the density of an irregular shaped object?

A measuring cup or graduated cylinderWater or other liquid to place the solid in

How would you calculate the density of an irregular shaped object such as a cylinder or screw?

First you get the object mass by weighing it.Then you get its volume by immersing it in a scaled water container and see the increase in water volume which gives the object volume.Then you divide the mass by the volume to get the object density.