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8.325 a sq meter.

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Q: If carpet costs 9.99 a square yard how much would a square meter cost?
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Related questions

If carpet costs 49.50 a square meter how much would a lineal meter cost?

0, because a lineal meter has an area of 0

If a carpet costs 17.93 a square meter how much would a square yard cost?

A square yard is 0.84 square meters, so 0.84 of $17.93 is $15.06. So it would be $15.06 per square yard.

How much does it cost to have carpet installed per square meter?

In Ohio we charge 5.50 a yard, so technically that costs $6.58US a square meter. That price however does not include the actual carpet to be installed, or the 'cushion' or pad underneath the carpet, just the labor. retail price on some of the least expensive carpet i have seen (that was worth putting in) was around $8.40US a square meter. which with cushion would cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $17.00US a square yard if you include cushion.

What would it cost to carpet if carpet was 25 dollars a square meter?

The cost would be ($25) multiplied by (the number of square meters to be carpeted).

If carpet costs 5.99 a square foot how much would it be per square yard?

$53.91 per square yard. That's pretty expensive carpet...........

A carpet costs 20 per square meter A room is 7 meters long and 4 meters wide how much would it cost to carpet the room?

Carpets are sold per square meter (unless you find an off cut the size required). Your longest length is 7m, so your carpet will be 7sqm @ £20 per sqm = 7 x £20 = £140. Would exclude gripper rod, underlay and fitting though!

A solid cubical block of fine wood costs Rs 256 at Rs 500 per meter square find its volume and the length of each side?

i think there would be 500 per meter cube instead of 500 per meter square.

If a carpet cost 12.00 a square yard how much would it cost to carpet a room size 15' 4 x 12'?

A room size of 15'4" x 12'0" contains 184.8 square feet. There are 9 square feet in a square yard. You would need 20.53 square yards of carpet. With a carpet cost of $12.00 a square yard, the cost would be $246.36 plus tax.

If a carpet is 15.00 a square yard how much would it cost to carpet a home with 1300 square feet?

1300 square feet of carpet is 144.44 square yards, putting your total at $2,166.67.

How much would it cost to lay down hardwood floor if the hardwood floor costs 10.50 per square meter?

depends on the room size

How much would it cost to carpet a room 5 meters by 3 meters at 8 per square meter?

120 dollars

How many lineal meters are in a square meter when trying to measure carpet.?

There are 0.273 lineal metres is a carpet with a standard width of 3.66 metres (from the only imperical measure of 12 feet). The calulation is 0.273 (length) x 3.66 (standard width) = 0.99918 square metres. If you purchased 1 lineal metre of standard carpet you would have 3.66 square metres of carpet. Lineal refers to the length of any item irrespective of it's width and is normally used when the item is produced in standard width's.

How many 36 inch carpet squares would cover 700 yards?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard, so you have 6300 square feet of carpet. Each carpet square is 9 square feet (3 x 3 = 9)... So you would need 700 36" tile squares.

1m equals how many square meter?

I would believe 1 square meter

How many square milimeters make 1 square meter?

1 square meter is made up of 1,000,000 square millimeters. This can be figured out because if there are 1,000 millimeters in one meter, then there would be 1,000,000 square millimeters in one square meter.

What unit would you use to measure the area of a carpet?

The measurement of the area of any flat surface, like a carpet, would be done in square feet if you were in the United States. Square meters would be used in most of the rest of the world.

How much dose 1 square meter in tons?

That would depend on what material you have a square meter of paper is going to be lighter than a square meter of rocks. Square meters don't just convert to tons you have to have a square meter of something

What will it cost to carpet a room 13 feet wide and 22 feet long if carpeting costs 11.99 per square yard?

The total area is 286 square feet which equals 31.78 square yards.If you're allowed to have 'seams' - where the carpet has been cut to fit, you would need 32 square yards, costing a total of 383.68.However - if the carpet needs to be one single piece - with no seams, you would need 40 square yards, costing a total of 479.60 - but you'd have quite a bit left over.

How many square feet of carpet is this if he has ordered 194 feet?

Carpet is usually handled in rolls that are 12 feet wide, so 194 linear feet of carpet would be 12 x 194, or 2328 square feet. However, the most common measurement for carpet is square yards in the US, so you would divide 2328 sq. ft. by 9 sq. ft. to get the square yards, about 259. That would be enough carpet to cover an area 16 yards by 16 yards.

How much does it cost to carpet a room?

If you are not terribly picky, a carpet remnant store is your best bet. It typically costs only about $150 or so to carpet a room up to about 12' by 16' or so. You still need a pad and generally need professional installation so the full price would be roughly near $300. If you have already purchased your new carpet and are simply looking for installation costs, plan on spending approximately $5 to $10 per square yard. More details on prices on

Will a carpet measuring 5 meters 5 meters fit into a living room of 30 square meters?

YES, because a carpet 5M by 5M is a 25 square metre carpet and would fit into a 30 square metre room.

Square meters in one cubic meter?

Because a square meter is two dimensional and a cubic meter is three dimensional, there would theoretically be an infinite number of square meters within a cubic meter.

What would it cost to buy 25 square yards of carpet?

The answer depends on where in the world you are buying and the quality of the carpet.

To carpet an area that is 6 feet by 10 feet How many square yards of carpet do you need?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard. An area of 6 feet by 10 feet is a total square area of 60 square feet. To carpet this space you will need 6.67 square yards. However, this may be altered by the fact that the carpet will come in certain widths, and that will determine the actual length of the carpet which is required. For example, if the carpet comes in a width of 10 feet, then there would be no wastage - but if it comes in 8 feet strips then there would be excess involved. Bargain with the retailer.

How much would it cost to carpet at room size 12 x 16?

That depends entirely on the cost of the carpet per square yard (or square metre) !