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The area of S is 16 square inches.

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Q: If circle R of area 4 sq inch passes through the center of and is tangent to circle S then the area of circle S in square inches is?
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The diameter of a circle is 19 inches. If the diameter is extended 5 inches beyond the circle to point C, how long is the tangent segment from point C to the circle?

6.283 inches

What does the term diameter of a circle mean?

Diameter of a circle is a line that goes from one side of the circle, passes through the center of the circle, and touches the other side of the circle. So a circle could have a diameter of length 2 inches, or maybe 7 feet, etc. If the line does not pass through the center of the circle, it is not a diameter.

How many inches in a 12 inch diameter circle?

-- 12 inches across the circle, along any route that passes through the center -- 6 inches along any radius -- 12 pi = 37.7 inches (rounded) around the circle's curvy line

Define radius of a circle?

In order to fully understand what the radius of a given circle is, you must know the diameter. The diameter is the distance across the circle through the center. The radius of a circle is half the diameter. For example, if the diameter of a circle is 8 inches, then the radius would be 4 inches.

What is the length of 27 inches in diameter?

Wait, what? I believe diameter is the measurement straight across the middle of a circle, not a unit of measurement. So if a circle were to be 27 inches in diameter, it would be 27 inches from one side of the circle to the other, with the line going exactly through the center of the circle. Basically, cutting the circle in half.

what- an artist painted a blue circle in the center of the canvas.Which of these is the approximate area of the circle?

201 square inches

How many square inches in a 20 inch circle?

When you say "a 20 inch circle", I'm going to assume you mean the distanceall the way across it, through the center ... that is, the circle's "diameter".The area of a circle is (pi) x (Radius)2 = (pi) x (100) = 314.159 square inches (rounded)

A tangent segment and a secant segment are drawn to a circle from a point outside the circle. The length of the tangent segment is 15 inches. The external segment of the secant segment measures 5 inches. What is the measure of the internal secant segment?

Course Hero Question A tangent segment and a secant segment are drawn to a circle from a point outside the circle. The length of the tangent segment is 15 inches. The... Answer Β· 0 votes Length of interior part of secant = 40 inches Please see attached image for diagram with work shown Image transcriptions The tangentβ€”secant theorem states that if a tangent and a secant are drawn from the same external point, the length of the tangent squared is equal to the external part of the secant multiplied by the whole segment. 15_ Let x = the length of the inner segment of the secant II'I ' Length whole secant = length interior of secant + length exterior of secant 5 in = x + 5 (tangent? = (length exterior) * (length whole secant) (15)2 = (5) * (x + 5) 225 = 5x + 25 200: 5x 40:): Measure of internal segment = 40 inches More

If there is a line that is 15 inches through a circle how long is the line?

The line is 15 inches.

What is the Circumference of center circle on a basketball court?

The center circle on an NBA regulation basketball court has a circumference of 37.7 feet (37 feet 8.4 inches).

If A chord twenty four inches long is five inches from the center of a circle what is the radius?

nbvhfvnkjfsdbvyhfndjvnbfyuv r = 4

How many square inches in a 2.5 inch circle?

I'm not completely sure what a "2.5 inch circle" is. Is that the distance all the way across the circle (diameter), or is it the distance from the center of the circle to its curve (radius) ? If diameter = 2.5 inches, then area = 4.909 square inches If radius = 2.5 inches, then area = 19.635 square inches

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