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0.75(3/4) of a mile per minute

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Q: If dog runs 45 mile per hour then how fast does it run per minute?
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How fast is a stock lt230e?

it runs half a mile per hour

How fast is a person who runs a mile in 8 minute?

An average speed of 7.5 mph.

How fast can a kid run a half of a mile?

It depends on how fast the kid naturally runs. If they run really fast, it might be a 60 second half mile. If they run slow, it might be a 2-3 minute mile

If a runner runs a mile in 2 minutes how fast were they running in MPH?

30 miles an hour

Is 4 minutes is fast to cover 1 mile?

It works out as 15 miles per hour. Pace aside, four minutes is an extremely fast time for a mile. Anybody who runs that fast should drop whatever they are doing regerdless of priority and start their Olympic training. A 4 minute mile was prviously thought humanly impossible.

If a deer runs twenty-five miles in a hour how many does it run in a minute?

If a deer runs twenty-five miles in an hour it runs 0.4164 miles in one minute.

If a runer runs a mile in 9 minutes how fast were they running MPH?

The runner would be running at 6.67 miles per hour. This is answered by dividing 60 (minutes in an hour) by 9 (minutes it took for one mile). You are basically saying that the runner will run a mile every 9 minutes, so how many '9 minutes' (each mile ran) are in an hour.

If a runner runs a mile in 3 minutes how fast were they running in MPH?

There are 60 minutes in one hour. That 60 is the same as 20 groups of 3 minutes. If each group of 3 minutes represents 1 mile, then there are 20 miles in that hour.

Why Ravi runs 10 miles in 91 minutes How many miles does he run per minute?

Ravi runs about 1/10 of a mile per minute.

How fast is Rajon Rondo?

he runs 1 mile in 2 minutes

How fast is 100 meters in 9.58 seconds?

1609.34 meters/mile 1609.34 /100 = 16.0934 100 meter runs in a mile 9.58*16.0934 = 154.174772 seconds to run a mile 3600 seconds in an hour 3600/154.174772 = 23.35 MPH

How fast does a monkey runs per hour?


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