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12 because 1/3 out of 18 =6 18-6 =12

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โˆ™ 2011-05-11 18:02:00
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Q: If i had 18 books and read one third of them how many is left?
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Is chinease read left to right?

Online and in many modern books, yes. The traditional way to read and write Chinese is top to bottom and then right to left.

How many books do people read in a month?

People read many books a month.

If you read 50 books in 5 months each month you read 3 more books than the month before .How many books did you read each of the 5 months?

A student read half as many books during month B as she read during month A, and three times as many books during month C as she read during month B. If she read six books during month C, how many books did she read during month A?

What is unique about Japanese books compared to American books?

You read them from rigth to left and begin in top and read down (manga)

Do Japanese people read from the bottom of the page to the top?

Although Japanese people read books from right to left, they do not read books from the bottom to top.

What is a website to read books?

Google has many books available to read online.

Are Chinese books written backwards?

Not to the Chinese! Traditional Chinese books (and therefore, Japanese) are written to be read top to bottom right to left. Books in the English and the Romance languages are read left to right and top to bottom.

Where can one read a web book?

There are many places one can read a web book. One being local library. Most have web books now. Another is Amazon and a third is Readbooksonline. There appear to be many varieties of web books available.

Mike read 7 books every 3 months how many books can he read in a year?

28 books

What webisite can I read online books for free?

On Google Books, you can generally read large portions of many books.

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She has read 1,600,800 books but they were ladybird books her fav were rainbow fairies!

How many books can you read in one day?

It depends on the length of the books and how fast you can read.

Are books awesome?

Books are my life. I read so many books, I won a award at my school for reading the most books. Freaky huh? Totally. I read so many books I got banned by my parents to read books. Now THAT is FREAKY!!!

Classify this sentence Laura and i have read many books during your summer vacation.?

I think that the sentence should read, Laura and I have read many books during our summer vacation. Not your summer vacation. Read your own books.

If you can read 5 books in 8 hours how many books can you read in 20 hours?

12 and 1/2 books

how many books have you read this week?


What does lees muchos libros mean?

As a statement: You read many books. As a question: Do you read many books?

Why books were binded left side?

cause if they were binded on the right we would have to read Japanese style books.

Who is Lobsang Rampa?

Lobsang Rampa: a Tibetan Buddhist who has written many books regarding his life and the spiritual lessons he learned. The first of his books is called "The Third Eye", an interesting read.

How many books does the average christian read every year?

A Christian can read as many books as they like. It's not like it's the law that they have a minimum amount of books that they can read. as long as it's not bad.

What is the Point of View of Pretties by Scott Westerfeld?

Third person. I don't usually read third person books, but these are the best!

How many people in the United States read books?

In one day, about 3000 people read books

How many books did you read last month Do you read hard print books or from a e reader?


Will there be any new books added to the bluford series?

Hopefully because some of the books left me hanging. i read all the books in 9days.

How many books does a student read a month?

The average number of books read by a student is 2-3 books a month. This all depends on how big of a reader the student is and how many books are they reading in classes.

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