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30 capsules

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Q: If i have a capsule that's 250mg and i take 1 three times a day for ten days how many capsules with i have?
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What is the landing speed of an Apollo capsule?

Splashdown speed of the Apollo capsules in the ocean was 8.5 m/s (19 mph) with all three parachutes, although the Apollo 15 capsule landed at roughly 10 m/s (~22.4 mph) due to one of the main parachutes failing to deploy.

Three functional roles of bacterial capsules?

The capsule allows bacteria to spread diseases easily by preventing phagocytosis. It also prevents the dessication. It prevents bacterial viruses to get in the cell and also prevents hydrophobic toxins from toxicating the cell.

How many astronauts fit in the Apollo capsule?

The Apollo capsule took three astronaut's.

What are the three layers of the kidney tissues?

from interior to exterior: fibrous capsule, perirenal fat capsule and renal fascia. :)

On a doctor's prescription what does TID mean?

It comes from the Latin phrase, "ter in die" meaning "three times per day." For example if your prescription was written as: Amoxicillin 250mg 1 cap po tid x 10 days (usually in almost illegible handwriting!) This would mean you are to take one Amoxicillin 250mg capsule by mouth three times daily for 10 days. ("po" is another Latin phrase, "per os" or "by mouth")

What can be the maximum capacity of People in Capsule Elevator?

The range of Bonsdag capsule lifts is from 8 persons for a three-sided glass capsule. 5 sided glass capsule is available for a minimum lift size of 13 persons.

What is the recommended dosage of Bee Pollen?

The recommended preventative dosage for capsules is two 450-580 mg capsules, three to four times a day, and three times that dosage for therapeutic purposes.

What is the name of the three-man spacecraft?

The first U.S. three-man capsule was named Apollo. The Russian three-man capsule is named the Soyuz, and is still in use today, carrying crew to and from the International Space Station.

What does tpo tid prn stand for on a prescription?

t=tablet po=by mouthtid =three times per day prn=as needed. So for example if you had a prescription that read "tormoxin 250mg t po tid prn" it can be interpreted to mean tormoxin 250mg tablets by mouth three times per day as needed.

Where is the treasure on Big Nate Island?

The "treasure" is in the Time Capsule buried somewhere on the island. To find it, you will have to locate missing artifacts and defeat three mini-games. (The Time Capsule is actually buried where the three schoolgirls are on the playground.)

Do you eat when taking the 3 day red carpet pill?

yes it says so on the box it tells you to take three capsules in the morning after breakfast. And take two capsules late afternoon with a full 12oz glass of water for three days.

If you take 250 mg of depakote three times a day how would you take depakote er 250 mg?

250mg 3 po qhs