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you con do BBA and then MBA

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You are 12th commerce without maths can you do bca?

my self pradeep kumar i am from ambala,haryana. Yes i am doing BCA without math can i do. yes or no

Can you do enginering after doing commerce?


How can get certificate without doing course?

You can buy a certificate but it's illegal though and if you are caught you will be prosecuted.

How do you complete surveys without actually doing them?

That would be pointless ! The whole point of doing a survey - is to give your opinion on the subject being surveyed.

What has the author Klaus D Schmidt written?

Klaus D. Schmidt has written: 'Doing business in Spain' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs 'Doing business on the Arabian Peninsula' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs 'Doing business in Japan' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs 'Doing business in the Soviet Union' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs 'Doing business in Taiwan' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs 'Doing business in Korea' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs 'Doing business in the United States' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs 'Doing business in France' -- subject(s): Business etiquette, Commerce, Social life and customs

What is couch commerce?

Couch commerce refers to the phenomenon of people doing their shopping using tablet and smartphone devices.

Can plants survive without humans?

of course they can they have been doing that for hundreds of millions of years in remote areas of the earth

What has the author Nicholas A Abraham written?

Nicholas A. Abraham has written: 'Doing business in Egypt' -- subject(s): Commerce, Handbooks, manuals 'Doing business in Saudi Arabia' -- subject(s): Commerce, Handbooks, manuals

Who is an individual who has made an impact on e-commerce and what was his or her contributions on e-commerce?

In 1979 Michael Aldrich, an English inventor, invented online shopping and the business rationale for doing it. He sold his system in the UK during the 1980s mainly to large corporations. He never patented his system and his system, ideas and rationale were plagiarised, copied and patented without acknowledgement. See Wikipedia 'Michael Aldrich','Online shopping' and 'Electronic commerce'. As online shopping is the main component of 2010 electronic commerce, it could be argued that Aldrich invented modern electronic commerce.

Can you wash your hair while im pregnant?

of course there is no harm in doing so of course there is no harm in doing so

How do you complete gta without doing anything?

Well apart from thought control! Seriously though, you can get cheats to help you play the games, but that's about it.

Can real number arithmetic be done without the use of a coprocessor?

Of course! People were doing real arithmetic long before the first computer!

How do you complete pikmin two adventure and get the last video?

Complete every mission without losing one Pikmin and you will unlock the last video. It is recommended to not go for every treasure when doing this, just the key.

What are the Names of pilots of Indian Airlines?

After doing commerce can became apilot in air line

Where to find hydro cannon?

in xd you complete mt.battle WITHOUT STOPPING and choose totodile, he will know hydro cannon. in colosseum IT IS A WASTE OF TIME DOING IT!

Can mom legally check history on 16 yo son computer without his permission?

Yes of course she can. Her house, her internet connection and she is responsible for what you are doing.

How long does it take to complete a course in fitness trainer training?

Fitness trainer certifications will vary in length, based on the individual. The more time you spend doing it the faster you will complete the program.

Can a commerce student join the merchant navy?

Yes ofcourse, a commerce student can join the merchant navy by doing course from our institute IIMS Pvt Ltd (Imperial Institute of Maritime Studies Pvt Ltd). For more information, please contact us on these numbers 9620017186, 9620030010 either on this email id - Regards, Ranjitha

Is it possible to learn how to complete a back flip front flip round off and back handspring without a coach?

Well, It depends. If you are doing these moves in a gym and have been doing them for a long time then maybe. But if you havint been doing these moves at a gym then DO NOT DO THEM! you can get very injured!

Why can't I get on to Internet Explorer without being asked to complete the survey?

no one knows. look it up! how can you even get on and look up this question if you cant get on your computer without doing a survey. what if you dont want to do the survey.

What do you mean by e commerce?

E-Commerce refers to doing business electronically. It usually refers to websites where you can buy things. A couple of good examples would be Amazon and E-Bay.

Macbeth scene 3 what does this line mean 'if chance will have me king why chance may crown me without my stir?

The tricky part is "without my stir". "Stir" comes from "stirring", waking up, moving about, doing stuff. "Without my stir" means "without me doing anything about it", so the line means "If chance (i.e. fate) will have me [be the] king, why, fate may crown me without me doing anything about it." The witches have told Macbeth that he will be the king hereafter, but they also told him that he was the Thane of Cawdor, and that came true without Macbeth doing anything about it. Maybe all he has to do to become the king is to wait and let fate take its course.

What should you do after iata foundation course?

i will find a job and doing IATA consultant course

What one can do after doing a course in fashion designing?

I think after doing that ,you must practice more

What you doing or what are you doing is correct?

What are you doing is the correct 'saying' or pronounciation. What you doing' is slang and is slightly shortened to make life easier, and of course we understand it.