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There are 4 weeks per month. 12 months a year. So 4 times 12 equals 48. 30,000 divided by 48 equals 625. So you will earn 625 a week. 4*12=48 30,000/48=625

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Q: If i made 30 thousand a year how much a week?
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How much you make a week if you make sixty thousand a year?


How much would you make per week if you make 40 thousand a year?

$40,000 per year / 52 weeks per year = about $769.23 per week

IF you make 30 thousand a year 40 hours a week how much do you make hourly?

$14.42 - an hour. assuming you work 40 hours a week every week of the year.

200.000 thousand a year is how much per week?

200,000 a year is 3,846.15 dollars a week before taxes of course.

How much money do a 10 year old actress get?

At least a thousand pounds a week!

If you make 48 thousand dollars a year how much is that weekly?

923.08 dollors a week

How much money is made in a year?

n a thousand

How much money does Lionel messi get a year?

Messi gets 160,000 thousand pounds a week.

How much money did workers make in the 1920s?

The average worker in 1920 made about 3 thousand dollars a year. That is about 250 dollars a month, or around 60 dollars a week.

If you make 35 thousand a year working 40 hours a week how much is that an hour?

$16.83 an hour.

If you work 40 hours per week at thirty thousand a year how much is that an hour?

$14.42 per hour.

How much money do Broadway dancers make per year?

Idk how much but probably 1500 thousand every week so like alot of money every year

If you earn thirteen thousand pounds a year how much do you make in one hour?

Depends on how many hours a week you work.

How much is a thousand dollars a week for 5 years?

There are 52 weeks in a year. (52 × 5) × 1000 = 260,000 (two hundred and sixty thousand dollars).

If you make 24.00 in a week How much will you have made in a year?

multiply by 52

How much is Wayne Rooney paid per week?

Rooney gets around £90,000 a week + around £100,000 a week for all the advertising so £190,000 a year he get £10,640,00 so 10 million 640 thousand pound a year !

If you make 40 thousand a year how much do you make a hour?

$19.25 an hour with a 40 hour work week--if you cant figure this out you shouldn't make that much

If you make 38 thousand a year how much do you make a hour?

1 week = 168 hours 168 x 52 hours in a week = 8736 hours a year 38000/8736 = 4.35 an hour 38000 / (40 * 52) = $18.27

How much money does a basketball player make in a week?

Truthfully, most basketball players don't make over 30 thousand dollars in a year, so probably not that much.

If you made 26260 in a year how much would you make in a week?

There are 52 weeks in a year, so if you make $26,260 a year, then each week you make $505. That's $26,260 divided by 52.

How much does eden wood make in a year?

Over all she made about 50-60 thousand on pageants.

How much does a tractor supply store manager make?

They make around 40 to 50 thousand a year. But works close to 60 hours a week.

If you made 28500 a year how much would you make hourly?

Assuming you got paid for every week of the year, and worked a 40-hour week - 13.70 per hour

How much money did Harry Houdini make a year?

Harry Houdini made about $90 a week. =)

If you make 53 thousand a year on 40 hours a week how much do you make hourly?

The best way to estimate this is figure a 40 hour work week, 50 weeks a year (2 for vacation). This is 2000 hours, so $53,000 becomes $26.50 per hour.