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400 meters is 0.4 km. 4 minutes divided by 0.4 gives 10 so

Answer:It would take man who walks four hundred meters in four minutes, ten minutes to walk a kilometer.
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Q: If one man can walk 400m in 4 mins how many mins he needs for 1km?
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How many mins is 400m walk?

The answer depends on the speed at which you walk.

If one man can walk 300m in 3 mins how many mins he needs for 1km?

He walks 100m in 1 min so 10 times that ie 10 min.

How many min dose it take to walk a mile?

About 10-15 mins depending how fast you walk

What is a Healthy time to walk a mile?

walk slowly = 20-25 mins per mile walk briskly = 17-20 mins per mile walk fast = 13-17 mins per mile jog = 9-13 mins per mile run = 5-9 mins per mile hope this helped, :)

How many kilometers can you walk in 50 minutes?

Last Friday I went for a walk in the countryside with my wife and we covered about 17.2 km in about 3 hrs 50 mins (of actual walking time) which is a speed of approx 4.5 km/h and means in 50 mins I can walk about 3.75 km.

1.2km how long in minutes to walk?

about 14 mins.

Took me 4 and a half mins to walk one lap around apartment complex pond No idea how big Total walk 22 and a half mins 5 laps How can you convert mins to miles and Can this be measured?

No, there can be no conversion.

How long to walk a quarter of a mile?

This really depends on ur foot size. Also it can depend on your hight, weight, and physical fitness. If you are short with short legs, your legs will not stretch and make as long strides as a tall person with very long legs. So, if you really want to know how long it takes to walk a quarter of a mile, I'd walk a quarter of a mile with a stopwatch to calculate the EXACT time it takes for you, an individual, to walk a quarter of a mile.

How long does it take to walk 0.6km?


Who long in minutes will it take to walk from Old Harry to Anvil Point?

134 mins (2 hrs 14 mins)

How long in minutes to walk 1.5 km?

It Takes 20 mins

How long would it take for a person to walk 400m if their speed rate is 2 seconds per 8 m?

100 seconds