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It would appear that r = y

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Q: If r equals 5z and 15z equals 3y - then r equals?
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If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3y then r equals?

if r=5z and 15z =3 then r=10y

If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3 y then r equals?

r = 5z 15z = 3y (divide by 3 to both sides) 5z = y r = y

If r 5z then 15z 3y then r?

If r = 5z, then 15z = 3y, then r = y. This can be solved easily by solving for z in the second equation and substituting into the first equation.

If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3y then r equal?

if: r = 5z 15z = 3y then: z = y/5 r = 5(y/5) r = y

If r equals 5z then 15z equals 3y then r equals what?

Don't do the question immediately, read the sentence 3 times and visualize what is it saying. Its just like hitting you from the left to right brain and back to left brain again, but focus thinking on the right, its just confusing as it sounds but its just simplicity in a rather complex sentence if you did not read it carefully. Since R = 5Z then 15Z = 3Y then R = ? Since it means one R = 5Z 15Z = 3y, saying 3times the Y = 15Z So you want to find out R =?, 5Z = R, 10Z = 2Y so R = Y! :D

What are the steps for -3y - 7 equals 2?

-3y-7=2 +7=7 _______ -10=3y 3/-10=3 r 0 y=-3

What is r equals r equals r?

the answer is r.

How many variables are in 7y 3r - 2s 5z - 3m?

They are: y, r, s, z and m which makes 5 of them

What is the answer of R equals 11m C equals?

The answer depends on what R and C are.

What r?

It equals R.

Which value of r indicates a stronger correlation r equals 0.834 or r equals -0.925?

r = -0.925 is stronger.

If r equals 5 z then 15 z equals 3 y then r equals?


P 2x-9y q 5y plus 6-4x r 3x plus 3y-5 then p plus q plus r?

p + q + r = (2x - 9y) + (5y + 6 - 4x) + (3x + 3y - 5) = x - y + 1

Evaluate q-r if q equals -13 and r equals -2?


What is the circumference of r equals 3.20?

C=2(pi)(r) therefore if r equals 3.20 then C=20.1061929

What is R equals Be to the power -kt where are equals 57 B equals 65 and t equals 5?

R = 65*e-5k = 65/(0.006738)k

What is the total surface area of a rectangular pyramid if a r equals 8 and h equals 8.54?

It depends on what "a r equals 8" means.

What is R -56 equals 62?

R = 118

Fraction r over s equals 5 over 8 r plus s equals 39 what are r and s?

15 and 24, respectively.

What is g equals rz for r?

r = g/z

-9 equals 20 plus r?


What is the answer for r plus 8 equals 10?


Can you write I equals v divided by r?

I = v/r

Find the surface area of a cone if h equals 12 m r equals 2 m s equals 9 m?

Surface Area = pi*r*s + pi*r*r = 3.14*2*9 + 3.14*2*2

Evaluate pq - r when p equals 3 q equals 4 and r equals -6?

pq-r, if p is 3, q is 4, and r is -6 is equal to 3 x 4 - (-6), which is equal to 12 + 6, which is equal to 18.