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No, it does not mean that it will never happen. Impossible means that it will never happen. unlikely to happen does mean that probably it will not happen..

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Q: If something is unlikely to happen does this mean that it will never happen?
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What does waiting for never mean?

It means waiting for something that isn't going to happen.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'Smile it might never happen'?

They mean that your expectations may be unrealistic or unlikely. They are telling you not to hold your breath, but to move on happily.

What is unlikely mean?

it means that it is probably not going to happen.

What does 'never in a month of Sundays' mean?

It is just a phrase to say that something is unlikely to happen or not happen for a very long time. A month of Sundays is a long time. A month is, for basic purposes, 30 days. To come up with 30 sundays, would take 30 weeks, or roughly 7 and 1/2 months.

What does fetched mean?

If something is far-fetched it is unlikely or unrealistic.

What does a watch pot never boils mean?

Because time seems more relevant when your waiting at the source for something to happen

What does prophesied mean?

to say that something will happen in the future

What does it mean to ordain something to happen?

To ordain something to happen is to order or command it.

How can 1 man score 50 points in a basketball game and not foul out?

Just because you score doesn't mean you foul. You can score 75 points and never commit a foul. It is unlikely but it can happen.

What does wishful thinking mean?

The saying 'wishful thinking' means when someone thinks of something or wishes that something will happen that is actually never going to happen in real life. It is when someone would like something to happen and not being realistic about it.Example:John wants to become a proffesionalfootball player. His older sister though thinks that he is very wishful thinking about that. (meaning that his sister thinks that it is never going to happen)hope this helps :)

What does highly unlikely mean?

Very improbable, very little prospect of success, likely to fail

What does improbable mean?

Unlikely Coincidential Apocryphal A word that starts with MIRACLE