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Q: If the FTSE falls below 5000 what will happen?
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Whats the difference between aggregation and composition?

It's a subtle difference in how the words are used. Aggregation means putting things together. Composition means the discrete things which have been put together. You could ask "what is the composition of the ftse 100?" And the answer would be a list of companies. The question "what is the aggregation of the ftse" doesn't make sense. The ftse 350 is the aggregate of the ftse 100 and the ftse 250. It is composed of the ftse 100 and the ftse 250. A fund which tracked the ftse 350 might have the same composition as a fund which tracked the ftse 100 and the ftse 250

How do you calculate ftse 100 index?

how to calculate ftse 100

When was FTSE Group created?

FTSE Group was created in 1995.

What time does FTSE open?

The FTSE opens at 8:00am GMT IT Closes at 4:30pm GMT

What is the highest the fTse 100 has ever reached and when?

I believe the FTSE was at its highest at 6950 on Dec 30 1999

Who owns FTSE 100?


What type of stock is traded on the FTSE futures market?

The FTSE Futures Market trades a veritable cornucopia of stocks. The most popular items traded at FTSE include many different commodities and stock options.


Financial Times Stock Exchange

Which ETF mirrors the FTSE 100?

ishares FTSE 100 ETF (Symbol: ISF) The iShares FTSE 100 offers exposure to the 100 largest UK companies. This fund provides a diversified base of core UK equities, which a larger portfolio can then be built around.

What was the FTSE 100 as at close of business on 31.12.08?


FTSE is the stock exchange of which country?

United Kingdom

What country is the FTSE a stock index of?

United Kingdom