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Not necessarily. If the exponent is not an integer then it is not a polynomial.

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Q: If the coefficient of the expression ax is in fraction and the exponent is positive the expression will be a polynomial?
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If the coefficient of the expression axn is a fraction and the exponent is positive will the expression be a polynomial?

Not necessarily. Every exponent in the exponent must be a non-negative integer. This is not what you have specified. For example, if n = 3.5, it is not a term in a polynomial expression.

What are some Rational expression examples?

Just write ANY fraction, with a polynomial in the numerator, and a polynomial in the denominator.

What is the coefficient of fraction?

A numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression

What is an expression using exponent that has a value between 0 and 1?

(Any proper fraction)2 has a value less than 1 .

Can you have a fraction as an exponent?


What if the problem is a fraction with a negative exponent?

Flip the fraction top-to-bottom, and delete the minus sign from the exponent.

What is an expression that may include monomials binomials and more and That has no limit to the number of terms. However the variable if applicable CANNOT appear in the denominator of a fraction.?

A polynomial.

Can you say polynomial to proper fraction?

No. A polynomial is two or more numbers connected with plus or minus signs.A fraction is just a single number.I guess you could call a fraction a "monomial" if you want to, but definitely nota "polynomial".

What does a negative exponent produce?

A fraction

Can a exponent be a fraction or decimal?

It can be either.

What is the reciprocal of a negative exponent when the exponent is a fraction?

The reciprocal of a^(-x/y) is 1/a^(x/y). The fact that the exponent is a fraction makes no difference.

Why can an exponent be a fraction or decimal?

Why not? An exponent is just like any other number.

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