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This sentence refers to transferring the title. Therefore, it the only titled propery the decedent owns is a vehicle, then yes, you may transfer the title.

However, if the decedent also owns a home (with a title), then this property must be included in the $50,000 limit, as well.

Nevertheless, it does appear from the language, "solely owned", that the only titled property in question is the vehicle.

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Q: If the decedents solely owned property is less than 50000 I can transfer the title Do they mean if the vehicle is 50000 or less or if everything she owns is less than 50000?
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How do you transfer a decedents vehicle title?

Next of kin shows up with copy of the death certificate and all ID. Make sure it is not left in the will to anyone else.

How do you transfer vehicle title when owner deceased and no will?

You open an estate. That is the purpose for the estate, to transfer property and resolve the debts of the deceased.

In Texas does a will have to be probated for property to transfer to heirs?

Yes, that is the vehicle that allows the new deed to be filed.

Can your wife transfer her tag to my car?

She could in some states. However, since neither of us knows you, and you are not related to us in some way, then no. My wife will not transfer the tag from her vehicle to your car. Seriously, your wife can transfer the tag from her vehicle to your car. Most of the US states are common property states. That is what you own in the marriage, she does. Even in states that are not common property states, the spousal relationship permits a lot of cross over of property.

If you give your property to someone else do you lose ownership rights?

Yes. In law, to give is to transfer property to another voluntarily and without compensation. In the case of real property you would need to sign a deed to make the transfer. In the case of property such as a motor vehicle, you would need to sign over the Certificate of Title.

How can you transfer car ownership if owner is dead?

you may transfer ownership of the car by completing an abandoned vehicle report; if it is on your property. the DMV will post a request for interested parties in a local publication as well as attempt to contact the last registered owner. if there is no interested party that will come forward, the DMV will issue a new title in your name. if the vehicle is not on your property, you can request of the owner of the property in which the vehicle is at present, permission to remove the vehicle to a storage of your choosing. the owner of the property must sign-off your release which you have obtained from the DMV. relocate the vehicle to property that you own, and after 10 days but not more than 15 days you may file the abandoned vehicle report with the DMV with a $10 fee. after the afore mentioned redemption period for interested parties to claim the vehicle, expires, (30 days), the DMV will issue the new title to you.

What document is best for business partners to add name with survivor-ship for cars and real property?

A certificate of Title is the document needed to change the ownership of a motor vehicle. A deed is the document needed to transfer ownership of real property.

If you inherited a vehicle valued at 45000.00 how much tax would you pay?

Your basis in the property inherited is the fair-market value on the date of transfer. Therefore, there would be no tax due unless you sold the vehicle for more than the stated $45,000.

Can you be charged vehicle storage fee in vehicle park not in your property?


A vehicle under reposession is on my property?


Do you have to have insurance on a broken vehicle on your property?


Do you have to pay tax on used car sold to an individual?

The buyer will pay the sales tax when they transfer the car into their name. The seller will pay property tax on the vehicle up untll the day the car is transfered into the buyers name. Transfer the car on the day of the sale.

How do you take someones name off the registration if you make payments?

Registration of a vehicle should be listed in the name of the person who owns the vehicle, not the one who pays for it. If you have purchased a car from someone, you should transfer the title to your name. You can then take the title to the county tag office and register it in your name. If you do not transfer the title, the car remains the legal property of the prior owner.

What does TOD stand for on vehicle titles?

Transfer On Death

Can a repo agent go on some one else property and MOVE THAT owners vehicle to get to my vehicle?

YES In most jurisdictions, In some places (where I live ) the police must be there and observe to protect both reposseser and property holder.It is illegal in most places to hide the vehicle or attempt to block the repossession of a vehicle.So I (If I were doing this) could enter onto or into a persons property and if that person is unavailable or unwilling to move a blocking vehicle I can move that vehicle taking "REASONABLE"care to not do any property damage.I can then take the target vehicle.

What do you need to transfer license from one vehicle to another vehicle?

Titles, registraions, and proof of insurance.

What do you do to transfer your EZ tag from the old vehicle to the new vehicle?

you can update your information in your account settings

Do you have to pay tax on a vehicle purchased from a realtive in Idaho?

Yes, any transfer of a vehicle is taxable.

Does a lien holder have rights to your property in your vehicle?

no they do not

What procedures to take in removing a vehicle from your property?

what are the procedure of removing abandoned vehicle from your property? Try calling a tow truck- they tend to work good..

How long after filing chapter 7 can you sell your vehicle?

The debtor cannot sell nor transfer any property without the permission of the bankruptcy trustee or until the BK has been discharged and closed.

Is it trespassing if you are a passenger in a vehicle entering private property?

If the vehicle is trespassing and you are inside it then you are trespassing.

Can an unlicensed driver operate a vehicle on private property with the owners consent?

Unlicensed drivers cannot operate a vehicle on private property. The insurance for the vehicle will not allow unlicensed drivers. Most states require every vehicle in operation to be insured.

Letter to transfer vehicle from one peroson to another?

sample letter of transfer from one person to another

Can you get your medication from a repod vehicle?

Yes, you are allowed to remove your personnel property from any vehicle that has been repossessed. Take proof of ownership to the lot where the vehicle is stored and ask for your property. If they refused call the lender.