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The area of a rectangular deck is found by multiplying it's width and length. In this case, a 5.4 by 4 meter deck would require 21.6 square meters of material to cover. ------ The above is true but you asked about how many linear meters of decking you would need to cover this area. To answer this you would need to give us width dimension of the decking planks that you were thinking of using.

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Q: If the deck is 5.4 meters by 4 meters how much decking lineal meters do you need?
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You have 3100 lineal feet of decking to install how much is this in square footage?

The answer depends on the width of the decking.

How much would it cost to install a custom wood deck?

Cost to build a new deck will vary from $15.5 to $60.0 per square foot or from $1550 to $6000 for standard 10x10 deck construction depending on decking materials prices and labor cost. Type of decking material is an essential factor in determining the cost to build a deck.

How much will it be to build my own deck?

That depends on the size of deck you are wanting. Once that is determined you can get price quotes from material suppliers for the concrete footings, decking materials, railings, steps, and stain/paint.

Can you paint decking with fence paint?

No fence paint does not have as much wax in it and it wont last very long before you have to paint it again. As decking has a lot of foot traffic as obviously a fence does not. Take it from me I found out the hard way. Yes deck paint is more expensive but will last a long time.

Would composite decking materials be a viable option for harsh winter weather conditions?

Absolutely, they would. Composite deck materials are far more durable than wood. They will give your deck a much longer life, and wont change in appearance like wood does.

How much would a decking cost?

That depends very much on the materials you use. Wood used to be commonly used, but now many composite decking materials are available.

What is a kool deck?

This is a name brand product that is porous, which prevents heat build up. Normal concrete decking can be very hot on your feet. Kool Deck disperses the heat, making it much more comfortable when barefoot. There are other similar products under different brand names, such as Xcel.

How much decking do I need for a 12ft by 6ft plot?


Can cypress lumber be used for decking?

it is a superior wood for decking, staying smooth and splinter free for years. Also, it looks much better than treated pine.

If carpet costs 49.50 a square meter how much would a lineal meter cost?

0, because a lineal meter has an area of 0

How much space between supports on an outdoor deck?

Depends on thickness and type of decking.If decking is dressed 1"(25mm)pine then joists need to be 12-16"centres(400-450mm) apart max.If the decking is thicker then joists can be spaced at 24"centres(600mm)apart max.You should also consult local building code in case they stipulate otherwise.

I had acrylic decking applied around my swimming pool The paint has chipped with patio furniture and the surface gets hot it's not like cool decking Is this the way acrylic decking suppose to be?

NO! I work for a swimming pool remodeling company ( I don't actually do the work ) I have researched Acrylic as well as other types of decking so that I could honestly answer questions such as yours. I have read information on line and have asked questions from our crews ( to the point of being annoying, sorry guys! )The way the paint is coming up it sounds like the deck was not prepared correctly for the Acrylic coat. It may not have been cleaned correctly or they may have applied it to existing surface material. In addition to that is the paint that is on your deck a quality Acrylic paint? Acrylic does get hot it is simply absorbing the suns heat. Kooldeck may be what you where thinking of when you thought the deck would stay cool. Acrylic decking looks very similar to Kooldeck, but it is much more easier to maintain and is much more resistant to chipping, cracking, and staining. Its also a bit more expensive and takes longer to construct. While Kooldeck is formed the same day that the concrete is poured (it needs to bond to the wet concrete), Acrylic can be applied to a dry deck making it an affordable choice for many homeowners on a budget. That is why you have to question the Acrylic you have, it is supposed to be very durable.

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