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A CATCH is the act of a fielder in getting secure possession in his hand or glove of a ball in flight and firmly holding it; providing he does not use his cap, protector, pocket or any other part of his uniform in getting possession. To answer this question, the first baseman would have to transfer the ball to his hand or glove before the runner reached first base in order for it to be considered an out.

im pretty sure that as long as he put it in his hand or glove it would be an out no matter if the runner made it to the base or not

It would be an out if he were wearing his glove on his foot

2nd thought:

This is an interesting question. I am not sure of the situation, however, you would think that if the ball is caught firmly with the feet it should be ruled an out if the act of catching it was intentional (i.e a man with no arms playing Baseball) -- I just bring this up.. because nobody thought Jim Abbott could play ball with only 1 hand, but he did.. so i am assuming a person who uses there feet for everything else could teach themselves how to play baseball --- far fetched, but just a thought, how how the ruling would really be made

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Q: If the first baseman catches the ball with his feet is it an out?
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The distance between consecutive bases is 90 feet An outfielder catches the ball on the third base line about 40 feet behind third base How far would the outfielder have to throw the ball to first b?

158.1 feet

What is the role of a first baseman in softball?

in softball, a first baseman has to: -cover their base when a ball is hit to the infield and prepare for the throw -charge when the batter squares to bunt -be able to catch a ball that is coming at them really fast either from the third baseman, shortstop, or second baseman -be able to get to their base really quickly in case you are getting ready to catch a throw from the catcher if they are trying to pick off the person at first base -be able to catch wild throws anywhere within 5 square feet of the base this is what a first baseman has to do in order to be a good softball player. :D

Can a goalkeeper catch a ball that is in the air outside his box if his her feet remain inside?

No, the only thing that matters is where the ball is, if the ball is outside the box and he catches it, but his feet are inside the box, it is still hand ball.

If a goal keeper catches a ball out of his area but his feet are in the area is it hand ball?

Yes. In reverse, if his feet are outside the penalty area and he touches it with his hands inside it is not deliberate handling.

Is it a catch when the receiver catches the ball gets 2 feet in has possession then hits ground out of bounds and drops ball NFL football?

Answer Yes.

Can there be an assist on an error in baseball?

Yes. If the official scorer deems that an out would have been made had another fielder not made an error after the player who would have gotten the assist played the ball, the assist is given. If the first baseman drops a throw from an infielder that would have made an out on a ground ball, the infielder is given an assist and the first baseman is given an error. If the catcher throws a perfect strike to second base to catch a runner stealing and the second baseman drops the ball allowing the runner to be safe when he would have been out by five feet, the catcher is given an assist and the second baseman is given an error.

If a 3rd baseman goes to the mound between innings picks up ball moves his feet around to smooth the dirt 2 feet from the pitchers rubber then hands the ball to the real pitcher who has to pitch?

The pitcher

If a receiver catches a ball in the middle of the field and his feet are in the end zone but the ball never crosses the plane of the goal line is this a touchdown?

it is not a touchdown because the ball never broke the plane.

If you drop a ball from 10 feet and 5 feet which will reach the ground first?

The ball which you drop from 5 feet will reach the ground first.

How far does a third baseman need to throw to first in 14U softball?

That would depends on where they field the ball. Howeverthe distance from the 3rd base bag and the 1st base bag is just under 85 feet.

Is a ball fair or foul if the fielder has two feet in fair territory and catches the ball in foul territory?

Once the ball is past first or third base, the ONLY consideration is where the BALL is located -- fair or foul -- when it FIRST comes in contact with either the ground or a player. If the player is almost entirely in fair territory when he first grabs the ball, but the glove that touches the ball is in foul territory, then it's a foul ball. "If the ball touches a fielder in-flight, the judgment is made at where the ball was when it was touched, NOT from where it may land after a miss, or drop of the ball, by a fielder. The position of the fielder is irrelevant."

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