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48 newtons (10.8 pounds)


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Q: If the mass of an object is 30 kg what will be its weight on moon?
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Support the object whose mass of the object is 5 kg weign 30 n?

To support an object with a mass of 5 kg, you need to support it with a force equal to its weight. 30 N won't be enough in this case.

How much would it weigh on the moon if the object weighed 30 newtons on earth?

Because F=mg -> m=F/g On earth g=10 m/sec2 so m1=30/10=3 kg On the Moon g=0.16 m/sec2 so m2=30/0.16=180 kg m2

Why do objects weigh less on the moon than on earth?

Our weight relies on the gravity pulling us towards the planet. Gravity increases with the mass of the planet, and the moon is much smaller than the Earth. Therefore the moon has less gravity than Earth and as a result people weight less on the moon.

Why does the heaviest object have a larger mass than the lightest object?

The moon has less gravity Peggy says: Objects weigh more on the Earth than on the moon because the Earth has a greater mass. The mass of an object determines how much gravity it exerts. The Earth exerts six times the gravity of the moon. A 180 pound person on Earth would only weigh 30 pounds on the moon!

An object that weighs how 30 lb on earth weighs how many pounds on the moon?

an object that weighs 30 ib on earth weighs how many pounds on the moon

What is the weight on earth of a girl with a mass of 30 kg the acceleration due to gravity on earth is 9.8ms?

30 kilogram mass ==> 294 newtons (66.1 pounds) on earth 30 kilogram mass ==> 48 newtons (10.8 pounds) on the moon

If an object weighs 30 N on the moon then how much does it weigh on earth?

An object or bunch of objects that weigh 300 pounds on the earth would, if transported to thesurface of the moon, weigh 48.98 pounds there. (rounded)

When you divide the mass of a substance by its volume you get its?

That quotient is the object's "density".mass of an object divided by volume = mass per unit volume = density of that object.

If your mass is 70kg on earth how much is your mass on the moon?

If your mass is 10 kg, then it's 10 kg on the earth, the moon, the International Space Station,inside Saturn's rings, or halfway to Alpha Centauri. Your mass is yours. You take it with you. Itdoesn't change, no matter where you go.What DOES change is the force that draws your mass toward other masses that happen to be nearby.The larger the OTHER mass is, the stronger the force is between it and you. The name we give to thatforce is your "weight". That's the thing that can change when you take your mass to other places, andnear other masses.

How will you calculate a person's weight in the moon?

The gravitational force of the earth is 6 times more than of the moon or the gravitational force of the moon is 1 sixth than the gravitational force of the earth. EG: A boy weighing 30 kgs on the Earth would be 5 kgs on the moon.

What is the mass of a chicken on the moon in kilogram?

3 kg 30 newtons

If an object on earth weighs 30 pounds how many pounds is it on the moon?