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Q: If the mean is 64 and the median is 62 and there are 23 numbers can you find the range?
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What five numbers have a range of 5 a median of 16 and a mean of 15?

What Five Numbers have a range of 5 a median of 16 and a mean of 15

Find the mean median modes and range of the data of the numbers 4 4 8 11 12 16 22?

Mean: 11 Median: 11 Mode: 4 Range: 18

What is the mean the median the mode and the range in maths?

the mean is where you add all the numbers then divide by the number of numbers the median is when u write all the numbers in order then find the one in the middle and the mode is the most common one. the range is the smallest number subtracted from the largest number.

What is the mean median mode range for 12107 1115?

The mean and the median of the two numbers, 12107 and 1115 are 6611.There is no mode. The range is 10992.

Find the mean,median,mode and range of the following values:17,7,11,13,2,12,7.?

What is the answer

How do you find a set of numbers if you have the range mean and median?

In general, you cannot. You need to know how many numbers there are and then, in only a select few cases can you find the set.

Why do you have to divide by 2 when you find the range?

No!(example) 1336578688(in order) 1335667888The range is when you find the difference between the lowest and highest numberThe range of these numbers:- 7The mean is when you add up all the numbers and divide the total by the amount of numbers there isThe mean of these numbers:- 55The mode is the highest occurring numberThe mode of these numbers:- 8The median is the middle number (if two different numbers the number in the middle)The median of these numbers:- 6

How does 170 change the mean median mode and range?

Prior to the introduction of 170, the mean, median, mode and range did not exist since there were no numbers at all. Once 170 is introduced, it becomes the mean, median and mode. The range is zero.

Can Find the mean median mode and range for the following set of numbers round off the mean to the nearest tenth 103 106 104 105 107 104 102?

mean: 104.4 median: 104 mode: 104 range: 5

Why are the word range mean median and modal used?

in solving numbers

What does mean in math stand for?

A mean is an average:it is part of the four averages,median,mode,range and mean.To find the mean of a group of numbers,you add the numbers together and divide by the amount of numbers added together.

What is the median mode mean and range?

Mean is another word for average. you can find the mean by adding all the numbers and dividing them by how many numbers there are. median is the number in the middle of a line of numbers. you line up all the numbers in ascending (going higher) order and cross off one number on the end each time. mode is the number most often repeated in the numbers. range is the difference between the highest and lowest number. to find the range you subtract the lowest number from the highest number.