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34% discount

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Find the original price of a pair of shoes if the sales price is 78 after a 25 percent discount?

The original price was $104.00

If the original price is 82 and the sales price is 65.60. What is the percent of discount.?


What is the final price of a speed bike whose original price was 150.00 with a10 percent discount and a 6 percent sales tax?


How Do You Find The Original Sales Price and Discount?

The answer will depend on what information you do have.

If the sales price is 28.56 and the discount rate is 25 percent what is the regular price?


What is the sales price of 35 and 30 percent off discount?

The sale price will be $24.50

What is the sales price of 40 if the discount is 20 percent off?


The sales price of a car is 12590 which is 20 percent off original price What is the original price?


If a 65 dress is on sale for 20 percent and the sales tax is 7 percent what is the total purchase price?

The total price with the discount and sales tax is: $55.64

What is original price if sales price is 156.00 at 35 percent off?


The price is 800 and is on sales for 561 - what is the percent off?

The discount is about 30% (29.875%).

When a discount is 10 percent is given on on an item being sold at a profit of 20 percent on the cost price the sales volume trebles what is the ratio of new profit to original profit?


If something is on sale for 30 percent and the original price is 126.00 what is the sales price?

The sale price is 88.20

If a pen costs 125.00 what would be the sales price if there were a 20 percent discount?

If there is no tax, $100.

How do you find the discount sales price when given the original price and the discount rate?

You're asking how to calculate the final sale price of a discounted good. The formula is: Original Price - (Original Price * Discount Rate). As an example, let's say a laptop is priced at $499.99 and the store is offering a 10% discount. Our equation would look like: $499.99 - (499.99 x 0.10) = 449.99.

If an item is on sale is the sales tax applied to the discounted price or the original price?

In most states, sales tax is applied to the final purchase price, thus the answer to this question would be the discount price.

How is the total price including sales tax calculated?

purchase price x percent sales tax .... then added to the original amount

What is a sales discount?

Sales discount is the reduction in price of value of sales to customer for promotional purposes.

An item listed for 80 will go on sale for 15 percent off if the sales tax is 8 percent what is the final price of the item?

The final price of the item, including the discount and sales tax, is: $73.44

A shirt is on sale for 20 percent off if the original price is 50.00 what is the sales price?

The sale price is 40.00

How do you find the original price of an item if you know the sales tax percent and amount?

The amount of tax divided by the percent of tax (expressed as a decimal) will equal the original price.

If the sales price is 50 and the regular price is 201 what is the discount?

The discount is 75.1%

How can you find total cost if the sales price is 22.49 and the discount rate is 3 percent?

If you get a 3% discount, the you'll pay 97% of the list price.0.97 x $22.49 = $21.82

A dress that sells for 50.00 now has a 10 percent discount marked on a tag how much will you save off the regular price of the dress?

Assuming that there is no sales tax, you will multiply 50.00 by 0.10 (that is how you calculate percents) to get 5.00. You subtract this from the original price, to get 45.00. Again, this is assuming no sales tax. :)

How do you solve total cost for something that is 52 dollars and 20 percent off and the sales tax is 7 percent?

Assuming the discount is applied before the sales tax is added... 20% of 52 is 10.4, so the price after discount is 41.60. 7% of 41.60 is 2.91 - so your final price is 44.51