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Each side measures nine inches.

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Q: If the perimeter of a square is 3 feet how many inches is each side of the square?
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What is the area of a square in square inches if its perimeter is 10 feet?

It is: 30*30 = 900 square inches

How many feet are in the perimeter of five square acres?

The perimeter of a 5-acre square lot is 1,866.76 feet or 1,866 feet and 9.12 inches.

What is the inches if the perimeter of a square is 5 feet?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that if the perimeter of a square is 5 feet then in inches it would be 1 feet =12 inches 5 feet=60 inches.

One yard equals 3 feet if each side of a square is 1 yard long then what is the perimeter of the square in feet?

The perimeter of the square is 12 square units The perimeter of the square is 12 feet.

Each floor tile is1 foot square the perimeter is feet?

The perimeter of each tile is four feet.

The perimeter of a square window is 18 feet 8 inches. What is the area in square feet?

The area of the window is 21.8 square feet.

What is the area of a square with a perimeter of 16 inches?

The area of square is : 256.0

Is perimeter calculated in square feet?

Perimeter is in feet and not in square feet

The perimeter of a garden is 52 feet What is the length of each side?

The perimeter of square garden is 52 feet. What is the length of each side?

What is the perimeter of a square room if each side is 9 feet?

36 feet

How many feet around the perimeter of three acres?

If the three acres is a square then the perimeter would be 1,445.99 feet or 1,445 feet and 11.88 inches.

The perimeter of a square is 100 feet and the area is 625 square feet what is the lenght of each side?

25 feet

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