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Q: If the temperature drops from ten degrees to negative twenty degrees how many degrees did the temperature drop?
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If the temperature is -16 degrees and it drops 7 degrees what is the temperature?

- 23 degrees

How do people use negative numbers in life?

One example being, temperature drops below 0 degrees,

It is 54 degrees outside the temperature drops 18 degrees what will the temperature outside?

Still 54 degrees if the 18 degree drop is inside!

What is fourteen plus negative twenty one?

14 + -21 == 14 - 21= -8An easy way to think of negatives is:if you add a negative it is like you are adding ice to a room, so the temperature drops (the number drops)if you take away a negative, you are taking away the ice, so the temperature rises (the number becomes greater)I hope this helps :)

If the temperature drops from 6 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius how much did it drop?

8 degrees

What is the temperature for tropical rainforests?

The temperature of the Tropical Rainforest is noramally 41 degrees and drops down to 31 degrees and night.

Which temperature is 20 degrees colder than 44 F?

If the temperature is 44F and the temperature drops 20 degrees, the temperature would be 24. Subtract the temperature drop from the starting temperature.

The thermometer shows it is 25 what will the temperature be if it drops 20 degrees?


What happens if body temperature drops below 95 degrees?

you die

Climate temperature for cuba in December?

The temperature rarely drops below 18 degrees Celsius.

Which temperature is 40 degrees colder than 86 Fahrenheit?

If the starting temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and it drops by 40 degrees, the temperature is 46 Fahrenheit. It's simple subtraction.

Is the temperature on the planet Mercury always consistent?

No. Because Mercury has almost no atmosphere, there is nothing to hold in the heat at night. In the day, the temperature can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit. At night the temperature drops down to about negative 290 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the greatest temperature difference of any planet in our solar system.

What organism would die out if the temperature dropped 50 degrees in the desert?

You need to provide a point of reference. If the temperature is 100 degrees F and drops to 50 degrees, that is still a comfortable temperature for most organisms. However, if the temperature is 50 degrees and drops to zero, many organisms would be adversely affected, especially if the temperature remained cold for an extended period.

What makes the ice?

it rains then the temperature drops below 32 degrees and it freezes

What is the temperature like in the Amazon rainforest?

The average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. At night, it drops to about 50. or 26 degrees C.

How does air temperature change with altitude?

Air temperature drops by approximately 6.5 degrees Celsius every 1000m

If a baby breaks out in a cold sweat and drops in body temperature what temperature is too low?

four degrees Fahrenheit

Temperature drops 6.5 degrees Celsius per km what layer of atmosphere are you?


When is a college football game cancelled do to weather?

When the temperature drops below zero degrees

What is the yearly average temperature in Barcelona?

During the day, the average temperature in Barcelona is 68 degrees throughout the year. At night, it drops down to 52 degrees.

How does elevation effect temperature?

Air temperature drops an average of 6.5 degrees Celsius per every 1000 feet.

What is the average temperature in the Amazon?

Average Amazon TemperatureThe average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. At night, it drops to about 50. or 26 degrees C

What is the surface tempure of mars?

The average surface temperature on Mars is 20 degrees Celsius at noon at the equator. At the poles, the temperature drops down to -153 degrees Celsius.

Is Room air temperature higher than liquid?

It depends because water and liquid has tiny tiny drops that can be 50 degrees or drops that can be 90 degrees. You only feel the average of the water or liquid. Room temperature is colder and hotter depending on the average liquids and tiny tiny drops

What happens to a coral reef if the temperature drops below 74 degrees F?

u are a hobo