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37.90 + 15% = 43.58

Gratuity at 15% = 5.68

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Percentage of gratuity?

The percentage of gratuity can vary in different parts of the country. Many people pay a 15 percent gratuity while in bigger cites people pay 20 or 25 percent. Unless a restaurant adds the gratuity to the bill, it is the choice of the customer as to what they pay.

What is the gratituity amount for a wedding planner?

The gratuity (tip) to give the wedding planner is 15% of the total bill.

If the bill is 660.00 and gratuity is 15 percent what tip will be left?

AnswerThe question is somewhat confusing. "Tip" is another word for "gratuity". Many restaurants include a "gratuity" on the bill when serving a group of 6 or more. Once they have done that, you have no obligation to add any additional "tip". Naturally, a server or other individual who lives on tips will have a different perspective.To many of us, the mandatory tip (gratuity) is considered offensive and an insult. Since the tip has historically been voluntarily given to show gratitude for good service, the concept of adding a mandatory "gratuity" no longer means the same thing.Another perspectiveFifteen percent of $660 is $99. However, fifteen percent is a pretty cheap tip. Twenty percent ($132) would be more appropriate if you got good service.

Can you add a large tip-gratuity to a bill automatically for difficult customers?

No you can not, some restaurants have a tip-gratuity printed out on the bill stating how much to tip based on 10% to 30%.

What are the release dates for On Par with Bill Pennington - 2008 Gratuitous Gratuity?

On Par with Bill Pennington - 2008 Gratuitous Gratuity was released on: USA: 11 July 2010 (internet) USA: 11 July 2010

How much is a 20 percent tip of the bill is 135.00?

27 dollars... Your total bill would have been 162.00

What is the total amount of 36 15 percent tip?

The amount of the tip is 5.40 and the total bill would be 41.40

What if your total is 249.10 and you want to leave a 15 percent tip What is the amount of the tip?

If the total of your bill is $249.10 and you want to leave a 15 percent tip it would be $37.37.

What does the bill cost if its 87.75 with a sales tax of 8 percent?

The total tax is $7.02 and the total price with tax is $94.77.

Can you press charges against a bartender for falsely adding a gratuity to your bar tab after you signed your tab?

Well, it depends. Was there a menu? If there was, it may state somewhere on there that a % gratuity will be added to a bill. If that is printed ANYWHERE in the establishment, you don't have a tab to stand on.

What does total bill mean?

It's the final amount. Let's suppose you bought something that cost $19.95 in a state where the sales tax is 8 percent. Your total bill would be $21.55.

What is the equation of gratuity?

15%, more or less, times the price, for example, your bill at a resutrant was 20$, then the tip would be 3$.

When paying with a credit card how do you add a percentage of tip to the payment?

most places figure in a 18% gratuity to your final bill

Is it illegal to add gratuity without customer's knowledge?

It is legal to add gratuity to a bill. It should be a separate line item and the practice can usually be found in fine print on the menu or the hotel rules. That is why it is important to carefully read the bill. Most waiters are not going to call your attention to it being there hoping you will add even more to the tips.

The bill for a meal came to 45.80 plus 15 percent service chargewhat was the total bill?

The total bill would be 45.80 + (15% of 45.80) = 45.80 + (45.80 x .15) = 45.80(1 + 0.15) = 45.80 x 1.15 = 52.67

Suggested tip for catered food with delivery fee?

It is generally 15 percent of the total bill that you leave as a tip.

Do you have to tip in South Africa?

no, a tip or gratuity is not required, although it is expected if the service has been good. service fees range between 5 and 10% of the bill total (in restaurant's). tips to service people (garages, hotel staff etc.) are at your own discretion

What is service tip?

A service tip is simply called a 'tip' or 'gratuity' and one pays a waitress; waiter; bell boy in a hotel, etc., if their service is good. A service tip is generally 15% of the total bill, but can be less. If the service is poor then one can decide not to leave a tip.

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