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you can't find the answer out because you don't know how much water is in it to begin with

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What is the formula for the volume of water held in a semicircular trough?

To calculate the volume of water in a semicircular trough, one should figure out the area of the cross section (the semicircle) first. Then, this number should be multiplied by the length of the trough.

What happens to NaOH as it is added to water?

The concentration of oh- ions decreases and thir volume increases . concentration is inversely proportional to volume so as volume increases , concentation decreases and as the volume decreases, concentration increases .

Why when mixing methanol and water the volume decreases?

the metonol atoms and water atoms fit togerthe better thn juts methonol or just water so the volume decreases

When water freezes does it decreases in volume?

no, it actually increases

When water at 0 c is heated its volume?

When water at 0 degrees C is heated its volume decreases

If you immerse an open bottle of water upside down in a trough of water why does the bottle not empty its contents?

Actually it does empty its content until the level of the liquid inside and outside is the same.

When temperature decreases what does the volume of liquid water do increase or decrease?

The volume of water increase under 3,98 oC.

What happens to volume if temperature decrease's?

The effect of temperature on volume is variable, depending on if you are talking about gases or liquids, and within liquids, it is also variable depending on which liquid. So, for gases, as the temperature decreases, the volume will decrease also, as long as the pressure remains constant. For most liquids, as the temperature decreases, the volume also decreases, but with water, as the temperature decreases, the volume increases (ice occupies more volume than does liquid water).

When a submarine pumps water out of its floatation tanks its density decreases and it floats. why its density decreases?

The water is replaced with air which is not as heavy as water for the same volume.

When does the volume of wax increase when it is heated while that of water reduces?

On heating water from O0c to 4oc the volume of water decreases while that of wax increases.

What is a pneumatic trough?

It is an instrument used for water displacement to determine the volume of a gas produced in a reaction.

How is volume and density affected when the temperature is decreased?

In general when temperature is decreased the volume decreases and the density increases. This is not true for water around freezingg temperatures, the volume increases and the density decreases and ice floats.

What does boiling do to water?

Well boiling decreases its volume, as water vaporises. Secondly, it will kill the germs.

Does boiling water weigh more than cold water?

Actually it's not weight we are dealing with here, it is actually density. So what happens is when temperature increases, the density decreases and volume increases or vice versa if the temperature decreases, the density increases and the volume decreases.

When temperature decreases what does the volume of liquid water do?

It decreases down to 4 deg C and then expands to 0 deg C.

Does the volume of the water decreases when it changes from solid to liquid?

Yes, water expands on freezing to ice. The reverse is true also. When water melts from a solid to a liquid its volume decreases slightly. Note that this property is unusual, and most substances have the opposite volume changes upon freezing/melting.

When a submarine pumps water out of its flotation tanks its density decreases and it floats. Why does its density decrease?

Density = mass / volume. If the mass decreases, the density decreases.

What properties change when water freezes to ice?

Its volume increases and its density decreases.

The volume of a liter of water?

1 litre is a unit of volume, regardless of what it contains, or whether it's empty.

Is trough a noun or pronoun?

The word 'trough' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a long shallow container for the drinking water or feed of domestic animals; a pipe, drain, or channel for water; a long and narrow or shallow hollow; a word for a thing.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. The pronoun that takes the place of the noun trough is it. Example:I'll fill the horse's water trough, it looks empty.

What happens to the mass and volume of popcorn after it is cooked?

The volume increases greatly and the mass decreases somewhat due to the water which is released as steam.

Why is the slope of water negative?

For water the line has a negative slope (vs carbon dioxide). This explains why ice floats since volume decreases with increasing pressure as we move upward on the phase diagram from solid to liquid water, the volume occupied by H20 decreases and thus water must be increasing in density.

Will there be more ice or water from one ice cube?

If you freeze a given quantity of water, the volume increases. When it melts, the volume decreases. The number of molecules remains the same.

What is the meaning of water density?

Density is mass per unit volume of a substance. The Mass and volume of water is in the ratio of 1:1 .There fore the density of water is 1. With rise and decrease of temperature the volume increases or decreases to change the water density.

What is the volume of an air bubble when it rises in water?

as the bubble rises in the water the pressure decreases (as Pressure = density*acceleration due to gravity*depth in water) which in turn means that the volume of the bubble will increase.