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Q: If there are 30 questions on a test and 10 are missed what is the final grade?
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35 questions on a test missed 5 what is your grade?

That would be 85% (30 divided by 35) which is normally a grade of B. If you only missed 3, you would have an A-.

How do you determine a grade where theres 40 questions but missed 5?

Your score on the test is 87.5% . It's up to the teacherwhat letter-grade to award for that score.

If you had 28 questions on a test and you got a 90 how many did you missed?

You missed 3 questions.

35 questions on a test missed 7 what is your grade?

You get 80%. The grade depends on the grade boundaries which are set by the examination board and may be varied for the purpose of standardisation.

If you missed 7 questions out of 100 on a test what is your grade?

93 % A+.Since it is 93% so anything higher than 90% will be counted as a A+.

What percentage would you get if you missed 4 questions out of a 30 question 6 grade social studies test?

I think it's 86%

What percentage is 32 missed from test of 75 questions?

42.67% missed.

Julie missed 5 questions on the test but answerd 80 percent of the questions correctly how many questions were in the test?

25 Questions

If you missed 4 on a test with 26 questions what is your finnal grade?

That depends on your teacher's or schools practice. If they "grade on a curve" then all the tests taken will be distributed on a Gaussian bell probability curve. So if you are the only one who missed 4 questions and everybody else missed more you will get the highest grade; but of you are the only one who missed 4 questions and everybody else mised fewer, then you will get the lowest grade. In my school only a few teachers graded on a curve; most would have given a B for missing 4 out of 26 equally important questions. UH UH!If you missed 4 out of 26, you would still get a A-.I aked my teacher and she said yes.

70 question test and you missed 14 what is your grade?


How do you grade a test?

You take the total number of missed problems, subtract from total of questions, divide by total of questions (then convert to percentage). Example: 10 total questions on test, three are missed Step 1: 10 - 3 = 7 Step 2: 7 divided by 10 = .70 Step 3: .70 converted to percentage = 70%

On a recent test Sterling got 2 questions correct for every 3 questions he missed If the test had a total of 80 questions how many questions did sterling answer correctly on the test?


80 question test and you missed 26 what's your grade?


If you missed 7 questions on a test and made 83 percent on the test how many questions where there?

41 questions (if you got 83 percent, then that means you got 34 questions right)

How do you figure out how many questions you missed on a 75 question test?

Count them.

What is a sentence with determine?

The grade that I get on this test will determine my final grade for this semester of class.

What grade is a 57 percent of 100?

D+ according to my grade calculator. You missed most of the test. Not very good.

If there were 46 questions on a test the person missed 2 what percent of the test would be correct?

If a person missed 2 questions on a test, they would have 44/46 correct. This would mean they had approximately .9565 correct. That times 100% = 95.65%

Why does Spiffy Horse still say I missed one on the sign up test?

Because you missed one of the questions obviously.

How do you know what your grade is on a test if you know how many you missed?

Like divide something to get a percent

If you have 16 questions on a test got 80 how many did you missed?

If you got 16 questions correct on a test, and got 80 percent, then there are a total of 16 / (80/100) = 16/0.8 = 20 questions on the test.

What is your grade if you missed 4 answers on a 50 question test?

Providing all the other answers were correct then your grade would be 92%

What questions will be on the 5th grade CRT test?

Im scared what do i do

75 percent on a hundred question test How many did you miss?

25 questions missed

How many questions can you miss on a 200 question test to make a 70 percent?

60 questions can be missed.