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Half circle plus quarter circle is equal to three-fourths of a circle. Three-fourths of a circle plus one eighth of a circle is seven-eighths. You still need one more eighth to complete the circle.

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Q: If there is half a circle a quarter circle and an eighth of a circle how much more of the circle is needed to make it whole?
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Does one eighth note equal one whole note?

No. One eighth note equals one eighth of a whole note. Two eighth notes equal a quarter note, and four quarter notes make one whole note.

What Eighth of a whole circle is what percent?


How quarter circles equal a whole circle?


What is the difference between crotchets and quavers in music?

Crotchet is a quarter of a whole note. Quaver is an eighth of a whole note

How many quarter circles equals a whole circle?


What does a whole note a half note and a quarter and eighth note equal?


Do three quarter notes and two eighth notes equal a whole note?

Yes, they do.

What does two eighth notes plus two quarter notes equal?

1 whole note

How many quarter circles equal a whole circle?


What are some kinds of rests?

Whole rest, half rest, dotted half rest, quarter rest, dotted quarter rest, eighth rest, and dotted eighth rest are just some of the many rests.

How many eighth notes are in a quarter note?

Two. Just like in fractions. Four quarters in a whole note, two eighths in a quarter note.

Two quarters of a circle is what decimal part of a whole circle?

1 quarter is equal to 25% or 0.25. 2 quarters are 50% or 0.50. So, two quarters is 0.50 or half of a whole circle. Hope that helped =)

How many eighth notes equal one quarter note?

There are two 8th notes in a quarter note. There are two quarter notes in a half note and two half notes in a whole note.

Different kinds of rest in music?

In Western music, whole-, half-, quarter-, and eighth-rests are the most common.

What are the different kind of note?

whole note,half note, quarter note,eighth note,sixteenth note, and 32note

How many quarter circle equal a whole circle fraction?

Probably 4, but the question is somewhat garbled because of the way the language is used.

What is the meaning of whole note in music?

A whole note is a unfilled circle on the staff that has no lines like quarter notes. It is played for four whole beats (a whole common measure)

What is a symbol for music?

A treble clef, two eighth notes, one eighth note, a quarter note, or the whole start of a score including the clef, & the time & key signature.

Dotted whole and dotted quarter note?

The dot adds half the value of the note that is dotted. A dotted whole would be 6 beats in 4/4, and a dotted quarter would be like 3 eighth notes in 4/4.

What are the kinds of rests?

Whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth... You can have a rest for every value of note.

What are all the music notes?

There are whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and 32nd notes.

What is the quarter circle's radius if the perimeter of a quarter circle is 32.13 centimeters?

The perimeter of a quarter circle is 2 radii plus a quarter of the circumference of the whole circle: → 2 × radius + ¼ × 2 × π × radius = 32.13 cm → radius × (2 + π/2) = 32.13 cm → radius = 32.13 ÷ (2 + π/2) cm ≈ 9.00 cm

How many eighth notes make a whole note?

8 but 2 makes up a regular quarter note

Does three quarter notes and a eighth note equal a whole?

No. Or, at least, not necessarily; in 7/8 time, they would make a full measure.

What are the different kinds of notes and rests used in music?

there are whole notes, half notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and quarter notes. there are also whole rests, half rests, eighth rests, quarter rests etc. to find out how they look like, go on google images. to find more info, go on google, ask, yahoo, or msn.

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