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Don't try it, your baby will be too early. Babies born before 37 weeks may have feeding and breathing problems. Also they have not laid down all the fat they need to keep wartm so may get cold very quickly. You baby is much better in your warm uterus than in the cold air or a plastic incubator.

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Q: If thirty five weeks pregnant two centimetres dilated and sixty percent efface how can you speed up labor?
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What does 50 effaced and not dilated mean?

this means that your cervix is begining to thin but your not yet dilated. If this is your first baby you will usally efface before you dilate. If this is not your first baby you may likely dilate before you efface.

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What does it mean if you are 37 weeks pregnant and your midwife syas your cervix is soft?

When your midwife tells you that it means that your cervix is beginning to ripen and possibly efface and dilate. Currently im 1 cm dilated 60% effaced and have been in labor but not "active labor" for the past week. My cervix isn''t dilating so they dont consider that "active labor".

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Efface means to rub out or wipe out. Used in a sentence: As a black president, Obama wishes to efface many prejudices against African American.

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Restore, Keep, Retain, Validate

How do you make your cervix efface?

Do not try to make your cervix efface by yourself. If your doctor feels like you need to go into labor, he will start you on medicine. Its not good for your baby or you to try to do things on your own.

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When does labor start?

Labor starts when contractions efface and dialate the cervix. It can also begin if/when the amniotic sac breaks

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What two things does a cervix have to do before baby can be born?

Before a baby can pass through the cervix, it must first dilate and efface.

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The innate memory and experience in the womb and past memories as generically embed experience that exist in newborns but gradually efface with the development of the mind .

What is an important factor in the initiation of labor?

An important factor in the intiation of labor is that the fetus is completely developed. The body will know when it is time and the cervix will begin to thin and efface.

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