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12X12 would be one footXone foot & 1X1=1

so each tile is one sq foot.

Length times width is the formula for finding area.

the area to be tiled is 4x14 and 14+14+14+14 is 56 sq feet!

56 sq feet = 56 tiles

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Q: If tiles are 12 by 12 inches and the area is 14 by 4 how many tiles do you need?
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If you have a area of 116.02 square feet and your tiles are 0.25 square inches how many tiles would you need?

You will need at least 66,828 1/4 tiles to cover that area.

How many pieces of 12x12 tiles needed to tile a 54sq ft area?

If your tiles are 12 inches by 12 inches they are equal to 1 sq ft, so you would need 54 tiles.

How many 3 x 8 inch tiles do you need to cover a 9 x 12 foot room?

no .of tiles = area of room /area of tiles area of room = 9 X12 X12 X12 inches ( 1 foot =12 inches ) area of tiles =3 X8 no.0f tiles =9 X12 X12 X12 inches /3 X 8 =648

How many 48 inches tiles do you need for 50 ft?

An area of 50 square feet requires a minimum of four 48-inch tiles.

You have tiles that are 4 inches square your roof is 12ft by12ft how many tiles do you need?


24x 24 tiles for 48 square foot area?

I recall answering this recently. If the area is square, and the tile dimensions are in inches then the tiles are 4 sq ft and you need 12 tiles. If the area is not square (Circular? Long and thin?) then you will have wastage, so you will need more tiles.

How many 12x12 tiles needed for 399 sq feet?

If they are 12 inches x 12 inches then you would need 399 tiles.

How many 18 x 18 inch carpet tiles do you need for a 9 x 12 foot room?

Couple of ways to do perform this task: (1) The area of each tile is 18 x 18 inches = 324 square inches. Calculate the area of the room in Inches: 9 ft (108 in) x 12 ft (144 in) = 15552 square inches. Take the area of the room, divided by the area of each tile: 15552 sq in/ 324 sq in = 48 tiles. (2) Determine how many tiles you need to span the width of the room. 9 feet divided by 18 inches is the same as saying 9 feet divided by 1.5 feet = 6 tiles across Determine how m any tiles you need to span the length of the room. 12 feet divided by 18 inches is the same as saying 12 feet divided by 1.5 feet = 8 tiles across 6 tiles wide x 8 tiles long = 48 tiles.

How many 18 x 18 inch tiles to do a 320 sq ft area?

142.22 tiles First, calculate the number of square inches you need by converting : 320 ft²*144 in² 1 ft²=46,080 in² Second, determine the area of the tiles: 18in * 18in = 324 in² Lastly, divide the total area by the area of the tile to determine the number you need: 46,080 in² / 324 in² = 142.22 tiles

How many 16x16 tiles for 300 sq feet?

Assuming you mean the tiles are 16 inches square - you would need 169 tiles.

How many 20.5 by 20.5 inch tiles are used in a 600 square foot area?

a 20.5 inch tile has an area of 420.25 square inches. 600 square feet contains 86400 square inches so you would need 86400/420.25 = 206 tiles.

How many 16 inch x 16 inch tiles fit in a 20 foot x 30 foot patio?

first put both in terms of the same mesurment. tiles in inches, patio in inches. patio is 240 by 360 inches. how many tiles will fit in the 240 inch measurement? 15 how many tiles will fit in the 360 inch measurement? 22.2 so you call it 23. 23X15=345 tiles you will need in a 20x30 area.

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