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If twelve is the same as a dozen, then twenty would be the same as score.

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Q: If twelve is the same as a dozen what would be the same as score?
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What word means eleven the same way 'dozen' means twelve?

There is no other word for any number except dozen.

What is another way to say the number twelve?

The number 12 is written as twelve. It could also be written as a Roman Numeral XII. Here is a handy Roman Numerals chart.

How can two 2 digit numbers that are the same equal 12?

One of them is twelve and the other is a dozen. They both equal 12.

How many eggs are in 1 dozen?

The same as in a dozen of anything else. "Dozen" means 12.The same as in a dozen of anything else. "Dozen" means 12.The same as in a dozen of anything else. "Dozen" means 12.The same as in a dozen of anything else. "Dozen" means 12.

What is the ratio 4 scores to 2 dozens?

4 score is the same as 80 and 2 dozen is the same as 24. 80:24 or 10:3

How many eggs does it take to make a dozen?

it takes 12 eggs to make a dozen A dozen eggs is the same as twelve eggs. If you have 12 eggs you formaly have a dozen. It takes 24 eggs to make a dozen two-egg omlettes. Depending on your recipe, it may take anywhere from 4 to 12 eggs to make a dozen glasses of eggnog.

144 in units?

144 itself as a number has no units.However, 144 is also known as a gross (in the same way that 20 is known as a score, and 12 is known as a dozen).

What is the singular of dozen?

Dozen is the singular form; a collective word meaning twelve, so any subsequent verbs are conjugated in the plural e.g. a dozen eggs were used in the recipe.Even when referring to more than one dozen, its form remains the same, e.g. he ordered two dozen loaves from the bakery.However, the term dozens is used when referring to an unspecific, but reasonably large number, e.g. dozens of people were injured in the train crash.

Is FICO score and credit score the same thing?


What is same as 6?

6 is the same as half a dozen.

Is cheaper by the dozen the same as the movie?


What answer means the same as 12.49 is it twelve and forty nine tenths?

not quite-- it is twelve and forty-nine hundredths. A freaky way would be twelve and four point nine tenths.

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