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2 candidates * 5 vice-president candidates = 10 combinations.

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Q: If two candidates run for class president and five candidates run for class vice-president how many different combinations of president and vice-president are possible?
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Which brach of the government has the offices of the president and vicepresident?

i dont know it

What is responsible for the protection of the president vicepresident and their families?

The Secret Service

Who was the first vicepresident to become president when the previous office holder dide?

John Tyler.

How many ways can a president and vice president be selected from 21 candidates?

Using the mathematical formula n!/((n-r)!(r!)), where n equals the types to choose from and r equals the number chosen, there are 378 possible combinations of electing a president and vice president from a group of 28 people.

3 candidates run for president for the club and 5 candidates run for vice-president How many different possibilities for filling the two positions are there?

It's 3 x 5 or 15.

How many ways can a president and vice president be selected from a committee of 6 candidates?

30 = 6 * 5 if we assume the president and the vice-president must be different people.

Is there any candidates for the prohibition party in 2008?

The Prohibition Party suffered a major split and each faction ran a different slate for President and Vice-President. The Presidential candidates were Earl Dodge and Gene Amondsen.

What do candidates think about?

What candidates think about throughout elctions is what they are going to do to become president and what they will do when they do when they become president.

Who originally chose the list of major party candidates that the elector college voted on for president and vice-president?

The party leaders were the ones that chose the list of major-party candidates for president and vice-president. The candidates were then voted on by the electoral college.

How is the vice president nominated?

Picked individually by the candidates for president

What are the steps of choosing the president and the vice president?

To nominate candidates.

Four canasisates run for president of the student council Three other candidates run for vice president In how many ways can the two offices be filled?

a.6 different waysc.12 different waysb.10 different wayd.15 different ways