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Two fractions that are the same are called equivalent fractions. Example: 4/5 and 8/10.

When two fractions are set equal to each other in an equation, that equation is called a proportion:

4/5 = x/10

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Q: If two fraction are the same what is it called?
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Two fractions the same size are called?

equivalent fraction

When two fraction name the same part of a region or a set they are called?


When two fractions have the same part of a region or a set is called an improper or proper fraction?


What is a fraction that has 1 in the numerator called?

A fraction with a 1 in its numerator is called a "unit fraction," as it is one of that fraction, whereas if it were to have a 2, it would have two of them.

What is a fraction called when the numerator and denominator are the same?

That's an improper fraction.

When multiplying two fraction the answer is called what?

The answer is called the product.

Fraction that are the same amount or equal are called?

They are called equivalent fractions.

Describe a way to compare two fractions when the numerators are the same?

When the numerators are the same, the fraction with the lower demomenator is the bigger fraction.

When you subtract two fraction the answer is called?

the difference

What is it called when you make a fraction's numbers larger but the fraction stays the same amount?

the fractions are equivalent

What is the top of a fraction called?

A fraction has two parts. On the top is the numerator, and on the bottom is the denominator. The line separating them is called the vinculum.

How do you multiply a negative fraction and a positive fraction?

The same as any two fractions. In this case, the answer will be negative.

Which fraction is greater if the two fractions have the same denomintors and different numerators?

The fraction that have the greatest numerator.

Fractions that have the same denominator?

yes!! it is called unit fraction

Why Can you multiply the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same number to write an equivalent fraction?

Because a fraction is represented by the ratio of the two numbers and multiplying both by the same number does not change their ratio.

What are fractions with not the same denominator called?

I think it's called just a normal fraction.

What are Fractions with the same denominator are called?

I think it's called just a normal fraction.

What means the same as fraction?

A ratio is the same as a fraction.

Is a mixed fraction the one with a bigger numinator than denominator?

No, a fraction like 7/5 is called an improper fraction. If you write this as the equivalent 1 2/5 (one and two fifths), then it is called a mixed fraction.

What is it called when the top and bottom number are called the same?

If you are asking for a fraction where the numerator and the denominator are the same number, then it represents the number one.

What do you call the Fraction with the same denominator?

They are called like or similar fractions.

What is a fraction called that has the numerator or denominator or both?

Proper fraction - A proper fraction is a fraction where the numerator (the top number) is less that the denominator (the bottom number). Proportion - An equation stating that two ratios are equivalent is called a proportion.

If two is called a whole number what is two and a half called?

Two and a half would be called a mixed number, because it has a whole number and a fraction.

What fraction is the same as two fifths?

20/50, is one possibility.

Fractions that represent the same portion of a whole is called?

Equivalent fractions represents the same portion of a whole and are the same fraction.

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