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Two lines will remain parallel when they are intersected by a transversal line

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Q: If two lines intersect can they also be parallel explain?
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Can parallel lines also be perpindicular?

No. Parallel lines do not intersect; perpendicular lines intersect at 90 degrees

What are lines that do not intersect but are not also parallel?

Skew lines.

If two lines intersect can they also be parallel?


Are Lines that do not intersect are always skew lines?

They may also be parallel lines.

What are skew lines?

skew lines are noncoplanar lines, which means they aren't parallel and they also don't intersect skew lines do not intersect and are not coplanar

Are the two intersecting lines parellel to the same line?

No, they can't be, if they intersect. This is because any two lines parallel to the same line are also parallel. And since they intersect, they aren't parallel.

When are intersecting lines also parallel?

no. if they touch, then they cannot be parallel.

Do pairs of lines that intersect in space also lie in the same plane?

No, if the lines were in the same plane they would be parallel and never intersect

Can two lines never intersect but not be parallel?

If the lines are in the same plane and never intersect they are always parallel. Two line can not intersect and be parallel if they are in different planes though. Take a cube for example, if you have one Sid of it and take the edge and then go to the opposite side and make a horizontal line they will never intersect but are also not parallel.

Can perpendicular lines also be parallel lines?

Parallel lines only meet at inifinuty. Perpendiculr lines can intersect, but can also miss each other, but still be perpendicular to each other.

If two segments are parallel are the lines containing them are coplanar?

Yes. Parallel Lines are also two coplanar lines that do not intersect.

Which statement is trueJax drew a line through point A and point B. Chris also drew a line through the two points.?

The two lines are identical.