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Yes. Congruence implies similarity. Though similarity may not be enough for congruence. Congruence means they are exactly the same size and shape.

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Q: If two shapes are congruent then are they also similar?
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Can two shapes be congruent and not similar?

In short, no. Similar shapes are shapes in which all corresponding angles congruent regardless of the length of the sides. Congruent shapes have congruent corresponding angles and corresponding sides. In effect congruent shapes is a special condition of similar shapes.

Can two shapes that are similar be congruent?


What does it mean when two shapes are similar?

It is congruent

What does congruent mean if shapes are not the same size?

You can have two shapes - a small one and a big one - whose angles are congruent but the sides are not. In that case the shapes are not congruent but similar.

Are two similar polygons always congruent?

Yes, because congruent is mainly saying same shapes if they said congruent shapes.

How can you tell both shapes are similar?

to prove two triangles are similar, get 2 angles congruent

What do you call two figures the have identical sides and shapes?

You would call them congruent or similar.

Are Two congruent shapes are always similar?

yes they are it just has to be same size and shape

What is two congruent shapes?

congruent shapes are the same shape and size... i think

How do you construct two congruent shapes?

turn them into a 3D shape,used to make two congruent shapes.Two easy shapes to make a congruent shape is to use circle and rectangle,also triangles.You can compare a congruent shape by adding extra figures to it like a cube if there were no extra figures it wouldve been a square only.Congruent shapes are also one of natures preditors.Dogs have a connection with a congruent shape.A bone.

Are congruent figures always similar figures?

Yes, congruence is a stronger condition than similarity.

When two shapes are similar does that mean they have the same amount of sides?

No, it means they have either 2 sides and 1 angle congruent, 2 angles congruent, 2 angles and a side congruent, or 3 sides congruent.