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Q: If you've paid a deposit and signed bill of sale can you cancel this sale if inspection turns up some things in disrepair?
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Can you cancel a signed lease if you have not moved in or paid deposit?

Normally a lease is not signed until the deposit has been paid. So if you do sign the lease when you have not moved in or paid the deposit, you have the advantage and are probably not obliged to continue the tenancy.

Is there a law in MA for a time frame to cancel a signed contract?

Massachusetts does not have a cooling off period in which you can cancel a signed contract.

Can I cancel a contract that I signed if it is within 72 hours?

Can I cancel a contract that I signed if it is within 72 hours in NY State?

How many days by law do you have to cancel a contract?

It could depend on the type of contract and in which state. In California, if you sign a home improvement contract, (room addition, kitchen remodel, etc.) you have 3 BUSINESS DAYS to cancel IF you signed the contract in your home. If you signed it in the contractors office you cannot cancel by law. It also depends on who you are dealing with. If all you lose is your deposit, consider it a lesson learned. Otherwise, see an attorney.

You have signed an application for an apartment and given the deposit and also the first month is it possible to cancel it?

If you have not signed a lease then yes, you are not tied down. But you may lose your deposit and/or your hold. But you should be refunded your first month's rent. If you have signed the lease than its a diffrent story. You can not back out of a lease unless the appartment ownership lets you. It is noramally a large fee (around $3500 in some instances). Take care

If you purchased a new car in California and signed the papers gave a deposit but will not take possession of the car till the dealer receives all the funds and cannot get financing can you cancel?

Yes, as long as you have not taken delivery.

How do I cancel my directv?

You call them and cancel. If you signed a contract, review the contract for any early termination requirements.

Can you cancel a contract that you signed in Edmonton Alberta?

You can always cancel a contract regardless of where you signed it, provided you are willing to pay the resulting damages for cancellation without a valid reason.

Can a landlord ask for a second deposit after you've signed a lease?

No they cannot. If they signed a lease that states a specific deposit and that deposit was paid, they cannot retroactively increase the deposit. If they continue to demand the extra payment of a security deposit, inform them to stop contacting you and that your lease is active and you're not consenting to any changes to it.

Can your landlord back out of a signed lease agreement once the security deposit is paid before you even move in?

Normally a security deposit is paid before the lease is signed. Once your lease is mutually signed then you have the right to move in.

How do you construct sentence with deposit as noun and verb?

noun - We paid a 10% deposit when the agreement was signed. verb - The bank will deposit the money in our account tomorrow.

Can you cancel a lease that is unsigned by both parties?

There is nothing to cancel if there is nothing signed. In the court of law there is nothing they can do with hear say.

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