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o% information incomplete

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4 Out of 5

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Q: If you answer 4 out of the 5 questions on a quiz What percent of the questions did you answer correctly?
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What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got 4 wrong out of 16?


Need a 70 to pass a test of 16 questions how many questions can you miss?

To get seventy percent or better on a quiz of 16 questions one needs 11.2 answers correctly answered. So it is best not to miss 4 but definitely not to miss 5 or more. This answer is arrived at by taking the 16 questions and multiplying by .70 (70 percent) or 16 x .70 = 11.2.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 40 percent if there are 10 questions?

40% of 10 = 4 So four questions out of ten is answered correctly.

Georgia is taking a 5 question multiple choice quiz in which each question has 4 choices She guesses on all questions What is the probability that she answers exactly 2 of the questions correctly?


Where can one find some free quiz questions?

One can find free quiz questions on the Quiz 4 Free website. They can also be found at sites like Quiz Zone, Quiz Supplies and Challenge The Brain. Quiz questions for children can be found on Fun Trivia.

What are the answers for apex quiz 2.2.5?

fro the questions

What 4 letter word means series of questions?

It is quiz.

What questions are actually in the smiggle quiz box?

what are the 4 colours in the smuggle collection

There are five questions on a quiz with four possible answers what is the probability you get 100 percent?

Probability of each question correct is 1/4 or 0.25. Since there are 5 questions, raise 0.25 to the 5th power or (0.25)5. So, probability all correct is 0.0009765.

What are the answers to the impossibly hard quiz 4?

There apparently is no Impossibly Hard Quiz 4 (as of 2011).(See the related questions for the first three quizzes.)

What are the questions to chapter nineteen quiz?

1. a 2. d 3.b 4. c

A test has 2 multiple choice questions each with 5 choices what is the probability of guessing the correct answers to both questions?

You have a 4 percent chance of guessing both answers correctly assuming there is only one correct answer to each question and that you may only answer once per question.

A student takes a six question multiple choice quiz with 4 choices for each question What is the probability that the student will answer exactly 4 correctly?

P = (6!)/(6-4)!4!=15

How do you pass st math bonus challenge level 4?

By answering the questions correctly.

What are the answers to unit 4 lesson 4 using tables rules and graph quiz?

The answers will depend entirely on the questions of which none have been given.

How many questions did you miss out of 35 if you got a 75 percent?

If all 35 questions were worth the same credit and you got a 75 percent,then you put down the wrong answer for 83/4 questions.

Forty out of fifty questions on a test are answered correctly. What fraction of questions were answered correct?


What percent is 4 wrong out of 22 questions?

100*4/22 = 18.1818... (recurring) % wrong.

What are the answers to the book thief ar quiz?

The Answers to the AR Quiz "The Book Thief" are as follows: 1.A 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.D 9.C 10.D

How many question can you miss to get an 80 percent on a 81 question test?

80% of 81 is 64.8. If you can get partial credit on questions, as some teachers and professors give, you must get at least 4/5 of the possible points on a 65th question, basically. Short of that, you need to answer 65 of the questions correctly, so you can only miss 16.

What percentage is 4 wrong out of 10 questions?

4 out of 10 is 40 percent

What percentage would you get if you missed 4 questions out of a 17 question quiz?

The percentage is 13/17 times 100/1 = 76.5% rounded

What percent is 4 wrong out of 65 questions?

93.85% (61/65,*100)

What is the probability of getting 100 percent on a four question quiz?

If it is a T/F test; probability correct for each question is 0.5. Since there are 4 questions, raise 0.5 to the 4th power; e.g. (0.5)4. So, probability all correct is 0.0625. If a 4 part multiple choice, P(correct) = .25 so raise .25 to the 4th power, or .003906.

A test has 6 multiple choice questions each with 4 alternatives What is the probability of guessing 5 or more questions correctly?

i believe it would be a (1/4)^5 chance. if youre going that route, good luck