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in 2009 you would of been born in 1998

in 2010 you would of been born in 1999

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Q: If you are 11 years old what year was you born in?
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If you are 11 years old what year were you born in?

you where born in 1998 or 1999 depending on what year your counting from 2009 or 2010An 11 year old is born in the year 2002.

Am i 10 or 11 years old?

it depends on what year you were born

if you are 11 years old when were you born?


If you are 11 years old now then when was you born?

2001 if the year is 2012

If you are 11 years old and you were born leap year how old are you?

2 3/4 yrs old if you were born on 29th February otherwise you are 11 yrs old.

What year was it when Abraham Lincoln was 11 years old?

1820, he was born in 1809.

How old is a 11 year old dog in human years?

Dog years are a myth. An 11 year old dog is 11 in human years, dog years, goldfish years or banana years.

How old would an eleven year old be on Jupiter?

An 11- year-old would still be 11 years old if he measured his age in Earth years.But 11 Earth years is less than one Jupiter year. If you had been born on Jupiter and you were 11 Jupiter years old, you would be 130.48 Earth years old!A Jupiter year is equal to about 11.86 Earth years (4332.6 Earth days).On the other hand, if you moved to Jupiter and wanted to express your age here (11 Earth years) in Jovian years, you wouldn't even be 1 yet.

How old would an eleven year old be on Neptune?

Age of 11 years old on Neptune will be: (89666 Neptune days x 11)÷ 365.256 years = 2700.3691 years. A 11 year old would be 2700.3691(Neptune) year old.

How old is an average 11 year old girl?

11 years old....

How old will a 11 year old be on Uranus?

An 11 year old will be 11 Earth years old on Uranus but as 1 Uranus year is equal to 84.323 326 Earth years, The 11 year old would probable never live to reach an age of 1 on Uranus.

Why are you 11 years old?

Because you were born 11 years ago.

Can an 11 year old have a Bebo?

No an 11 year old can't have a Bebo. Bebo is for 13 years old and over.

In which year was karan kundra born?

Karan Kundra, an Indian television actor, was born October 11 and the year was 1984. He is 26 years old.

What year was alex constancio born in?

Alex Constancio was born on July 11, 1995. As of 2013, he is 18 years old.

How long has a 11 year old been around?

An 11-year-old has been around for eleven years.

Is youtube safe for 11 years olds?

is not safe for 11 year old because it for 18 year old

How old do you have to be to babysit a 3 year-old?

You can be 11 years old

What is the average handicap for an 11 year-old?

well my handicap is 10 and i am 11 years old :)

Can a 11 year old buy an apartment?

no you caint because you are not old enough at 11 years old

How old is Willow Smith in this year?

willow smith is 11 years old this year

How old would an 11 year old be on mars?

You would be about 6 years old in Mars Years.

Can a 11 years old get marry?

No. A 11 year old is still a child and a minor. It is illegal.

Whats the average height of an 11 year old?

about 4,10 I am 11 years old and i am about 5,1

How tall was Chris Brown at 11 years old?

He was the height of a normal 11 year old.